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The leather ear cups provide a passive noise cancellation effect thus creating a better immerse sound experience.
Section two will build on section one's findings and focus on investigating potential cancellation effects. A cancellation effect (also called a multi-directional DIF) occurs when some DIF items favor one group and other DIF items favor the other group and the overall DIF effect cancels each other out.
Study five was designed to investigate the cancellation effect of DIF on the population effect size of the independent sample t-test.
Posterior perforations across from the round window may cause significant hearing loss secondary to the "cancellation effect" that occurs when sound reaches the oval and round windows simultaneously.
Ideally, the magnetic flux produced by the differential signal currents has a cancellation effect and, for that reason, is not a large contributor of EMI noise.
A cancellation effect utilization [2] is very attractive for this kind of procedure.
Only for sample 3 and an rms power of 2 dB can a deflection from a straight line be seen due to the perceptible cancellation effect.
Many people will mention "floor bounce" when discussing cancellation effects and speaker measurements, but the phenomenon happens with all large room boundaries and not just the floor.