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(mechanical engineering)
A special short-range, antipersonnel projectile designed to be fired from rifled guns.



(in Russian, kartech’; from Polish kartecza, from Italian cartoccio, literally “bundle” or “cartridge”), a type of artillery shell used by the artillery to strike at enemy personnel at close distance. (The Russian word kartech ’ also refers to large buckshot, 5 mm or more in diameter.)

In the 14th through 16th centuries canisters had different sizes and shapes and consisted of pieces of stone or iron, which were loaded into the bore above an explosive charge and fastened with a plug. Later, canisters were placed in a bag to protect the bore. In the 17th through 19th centuries canisters were shells with spherical cast-iron or lead bullets placed in a metal container or cardboard packing. Canister bullets were lethal at a distance of up to 300 m and spread up to 50 m along the front. In the early 19th century canisters gradually lost their value after the invention of shrapnel; they are no longer used in modern artillery.

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An Army source said the canister, which reportedly had "US DOT 7A" printed on it, most likely washed up onto the Ouzai shore.
Longtime butane users claimed that there are cases of small explosion or fire of butane sounding like 'blab,' especially when the stove is already old and worn out or the tin canister is rust-stained and worn-out leaking LPG.
The canisters from Jay Companies that resemble marble are "finding the fun places in the trend," said Melissa Schwartz Hinton, vice president of sales, during market.
On-site disposal technology reduces costly red bag waste by eliminating disposable suction canisters and expensive gelling agents.
Clariant canisters also give customers the ability to choose from various canister sizes and to adjust canister contents to meet package volume, moisture control, odor absorption, oxygen scavenging, and cost requirements.
QUICKLY place the canister upside down, so the lid is on the ground, and move at least two metres away from your film canister rocket.
While there are certainly physical and chemical explanations for the ways these canisters have transformed over time, the canisters also encourage us to consider what happens to our own bodies when we die, and to the souls that occupy them.
Whenever a Soldier has trouble drawing breath through the canister, it should be changed.
The contract is to produce canisters which are used to store, transport and launch a wide range of missiles.
The new Coffee Vault storage canister features the patented Friis Freshness Valve that automatically releases CO2 gases generated by the coffee roasting process.
The APA-9000 is capable of dispensing as many as 325 canisters per minute and can be customized to run in a variety of lines including bottling, VFFS, flow wrapper, thermoform and pouching machinery.
The 26-year-old who has not been named, pierced the canister, but the heat from the cooking appears to have caused the canister to explode.