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(mechanical engineering)
A special short-range, antipersonnel projectile designed to be fired from rifled guns.



(in Russian, kartech’; from Polish kartecza, from Italian cartoccio, literally “bundle” or “cartridge”), a type of artillery shell used by the artillery to strike at enemy personnel at close distance. (The Russian word kartech ’ also refers to large buckshot, 5 mm or more in diameter.)

In the 14th through 16th centuries canisters had different sizes and shapes and consisted of pieces of stone or iron, which were loaded into the bore above an explosive charge and fastened with a plug. Later, canisters were placed in a bag to protect the bore. In the 17th through 19th centuries canisters were shells with spherical cast-iron or lead bullets placed in a metal container or cardboard packing. Canister bullets were lethal at a distance of up to 300 m and spread up to 50 m along the front. In the early 19th century canisters gradually lost their value after the invention of shrapnel; they are no longer used in modern artillery.

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Kim, a South Korean, who first brought butane canisters and a small portable stove to him.
Gibson has received a lot of interest in its new General Store Hollydale tin canisters with assorted vintage designs, Wien said.
Luad was supposed to deliver the butane canisters to Jomar Gicali in nearby Minglanilla town.
The fix is to fit a bracket that stops the canister going into the cabin if it explodes.
A teacher, identified as Mohammad Zaoul, was also hit with a teargas canister and injured in his shoulder.
Labios sought the help of the police in addressing the illegal refilling of canisters with LPG.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese will finally get rid of gas canisters that are described by many as "time bombs" and replace them with ones satisfying safety standards, in line with a decision by Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian.
On-site disposal technology reduces costly red bag waste by eliminating disposable suction canisters and expensive gelling agents.
The principal advantages of desiccant canisters stem from their simplicity: Unlike desiccant packet rolls, which must be periodically replaced and spliced to the end of the previous roll, canisters are hopper fed, enabling easy "on the fly" replenishment.
POLICE have revealed that a suspicious car that shut a busy road for four hours had contained canisters filled with red diesel.
The Japan Times reported in January, 2014 that 28 canisters of high-level radioactive waste, produced through the reprocessing of spent Japanese nuclear fuel in Britain, would be transported to the Aomori Prefecture on board Pacific Grebe.
FILM CANISTER ROCKET Whether they are breaking the atmosphere into space or soaring through the sky here on Earth, all rockets are launched into the air by the generation of thrust.