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(mechanical engineering)
A special short-range, antipersonnel projectile designed to be fired from rifled guns.



(in Russian, kartech’; from Polish kartecza, from Italian cartoccio, literally “bundle” or “cartridge”), a type of artillery shell used by the artillery to strike at enemy personnel at close distance. (The Russian word kartech ’ also refers to large buckshot, 5 mm or more in diameter.)

In the 14th through 16th centuries canisters had different sizes and shapes and consisted of pieces of stone or iron, which were loaded into the bore above an explosive charge and fastened with a plug. Later, canisters were placed in a bag to protect the bore. In the 17th through 19th centuries canisters were shells with spherical cast-iron or lead bullets placed in a metal container or cardboard packing. Canister bullets were lethal at a distance of up to 300 m and spread up to 50 m along the front. In the early 19th century canisters gradually lost their value after the invention of shrapnel; they are no longer used in modern artillery.

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Canisters last year stood to benefit from a growing consumer demand for higher-end vacuums.
Eyewitnesses said a delivery driver arrived at the gate to Unit One yesterday morning with about five canisters and the two men appeared shortly after 10.
15am a second consignment of canisters arrived at the premises.
To make the mystery-scented film canisters, you'll need: cotton balls (one for each student, plus four additional ones) * vanilla extract * vinegar * almond extract * lime juice * film canisters (one for each student, plus four additional ones) * red permanent marker * black permanent marker * masking tape
Store the pennies in one canister and chalk in the other.
The canister is wide enough to accommodate standard measuring cups, making it simple for users to quickly scoop out the needed amount of sugar and replace the airtight lid.
Both deaths occurred because users unscrewed the brass or nickel-plated valve from the canister when removing the canister assembly from a paintball gun.
Last year, while excavating a 2,000-year-old Roman temple in London, archaeologists discovered a small tin canister filled with white cream.
He provided an information sheet for his staff to use and plans to post more warnings on his shop walls about the dangers of modifying the canisters.
Many medical gases are incorrectly or poorly labeled, and the wrong canisters may be delivered to health care facilities.
At one point, we counted 30 tear-gas canisters fired in under a minute.