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Aside from the contentious BPA issue, whether the contents of canned goods are nutritionally valuable for us anyway is an open question.
We will not accept expired (out of date) canned goods, damaged or open canned goods.
There are multiple studies that have found that canned fruits and vegetables are nutritionally equivalent to fresh and frozen varieties, so there's an undeniable positive role that canned goods can play in the dietary needs of consumers.
This is just as true about canned goods on a supermarket shelf as it about unwrapped fruit or vegetables at an open-air market anywhere in the world.
The armed dwellers in the Emboriki [a department store], the blacks surrounding them, the hiss from a turned tap that has finally stopped trickling, the time it takes a group who go out to come back with bags of canned goods, packaged noodles, beans, rice, spaghetti--each is an emblem of inalienable, coming shock.
It's also the largest poultry and pork producer in Ecuador and a major producer office and seeds, as well as other canned goods.
Initially they look like small arrays of scaffolding or platforms overrun by various materials including, in the case of the three examples at Frac PACA, walkers, canned goods, a battery, faucets, and even a hairdresser's chair.
The annual charity competition draws teams from architectural and engineering firms to construct sculptures using unopened canned goods which are later donated to The Food Bank For New York City.
County residents can set out canned goods by their mailbox for pickup by letter carriers today, part of the U.
What: Wish more than 10 different vendors--all local farmers and crafts people--the market offers lots of locally grown produce, free-range eggs, several kinds of goat cheese, our own mountain honey and molasses, canned goods, homebaked goods and fresh bread.
No other Morrisons soups or canned goods are affected by the recall.