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Regardless of whether one is doing a custom or canned program, any program delivered electronically without hard media in the form of tangible personal property is not subject to tax.
"We started trying to develop an interesting web site, but didn't want to use a canned program. I have had four programmers building it and am finally now at a point where it's becoming what I want it to be," Snyder said.
It took a long time and it was expensive, but then we don't have a canned program where someone gives you the same pitch they give to everybody."
A single, canned program segment can repetitively be used to downshift all relevant dates in a given named copybook.
Right now CEESIM runs off a canned program, so now it's basically being remotely controlled from a different location.
Thus, users become capable of undertaking intellectually meaningful research--running tests that they choose for their own reasons, rather than following rote procedures of a canned program. The interactive aspect enables users to obtain immediate feedback on original ideas and explore alternatives as they occur.
All school districts are required to have teacher evaluation systems, but the South Lane district devised its own, with teachers' participation, rather than purchasing what Parent calls "a canned program." The evaluations are focused on helping teachers improve their practices and expertise - even the best teachers know they can be better.
Tully said a committee comprising 15 elementary school teachers and administrators districtwide recently researched the top four canned programs.
The ANCA CIMulator3D software lets us put our toolmaking knowledge to work and allows us the freedom to alter the canned programs to accommodate our methods.
Many loyalty companies offer canned programs that can be customized to a client's needs, seeking to combine the best of these approaches.
"After a few years, many practitioners move away from canned programs as they become more comfortable with what they are doing." Most, Stock says, develop their own software.
In many instances these canned programs may appear to be expensive.