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(mechanical engineering)
A special short-range, antipersonnel projectile designed to be fired from rifled guns.



(in Russian, kartech’; from Polish kartecza, from Italian cartoccio, literally “bundle” or “cartridge”), a type of artillery shell used by the artillery to strike at enemy personnel at close distance. (The Russian word kartech ’ also refers to large buckshot, 5 mm or more in diameter.)

In the 14th through 16th centuries canisters had different sizes and shapes and consisted of pieces of stone or iron, which were loaded into the bore above an explosive charge and fastened with a plug. Later, canisters were placed in a bag to protect the bore. In the 17th through 19th centuries canisters were shells with spherical cast-iron or lead bullets placed in a metal container or cardboard packing. Canister bullets were lethal at a distance of up to 300 m and spread up to 50 m along the front. In the early 19th century canisters gradually lost their value after the invention of shrapnel; they are no longer used in modern artillery.

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He knew there was food around, so I took the cannister out of the rocks - I didn't open it for him - and took my sleeping bag down the trail a couple hundred yards, just leaving my tent and backpack there.
The cannister, along with cannabis resin, was discovered by police during a drugs raid at 26-year-old Peter John William Worner's home in Ynyswen Road, Treorchy.
Foot-operated controls, a retractable electric cord, and an on-off switch on the pistol grip permit operation without having to bend down to the cannister.
The man was going to use a kitchen blowtorch to add the finishing touches to the favourite pud when the cannister began to leak in the kitchen at the Durker Roods Hotel in Meltham just after 5pm yesterday.
PARENTS have reacted with angerafterapupilwhoset off a CS gas cannister in a crowded corridor was allowed to return to school.
In West Field, the blaze broke out in a detached garage which also contained an acetylene gas cannister.
He broke into a Vauxhall Astra, a Peugeot 306 and a Fiat Punto, stealing goods worth pounds 138, including a hard hat and goggles, a gas cannister and a bottle of oil.
The propane cannister failed to explode during the blaze after several sheds were set on fire on plots near Lansdowne Place.
Glen Hughes, 40, made the suicide kit of a plastic bag, elastic bands and a pounds 20 cannister of helium gas.
The editors said Jetboil "cranked out hot drinks faster than we could down them" during a testing trip on Mount Hood while "our other cannister stove .
03: Unopened lifeboat cannister found off Isle of Man.