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You cannot help men permanently by doing more for them than they can do for themselves.
One cannot help but wonder what our rent regulations will look like on June 16, 1997.
Lewis, like his European modernist counterparts, combines gritty, realistic narrative with a violently invective tone, all of which creates a genuine nightmare vision that the reader cannot help but share, given how immersive is this style of writing.
One cannot help wondering whether Berkut understands what it means to research original sources.
Upholstered with fake fur, they cannot help but remind one of wig stands--even their fabric and color are like a head of hair.
As one peruses the breadth and depth of Professor Anita Moskowitz's new volume one cannot help but feel a sense of vicarious satisfaction.
Nevertheless, these stories are easy and fun to read, and students cannot help but absorb a great deal of genuine history.
WHILE a part of me is jealous of the world's first space tourist, Dennis Tito (The Mirror, May 7), and while it was a joy to see the smile on his face when he returned to earth, I cannot help thinking that the pounds 14million cost of his trip could have been much better spent on improving the level of health care or education in the world he escaped for eight days.
They cannot help but discover the very prosaic and sometimes depressing, sometimes beautiful and frequently startling aspects of everyday life, the experiences and aspirations, the possibilities and particularly the constraints characteristic of large parts of the population.
Gargano told REW there will no longer be an issue of Westchester complaining the state cannot help when a company wants to leave Manhattan.
And I cannot help wondering, now that dance is going pop so emphatically and audiences are responding enthusiastically to Billboards or Nine Sinatra Songs, how much of that response is evoked by the choreography, which is the intrinsic value of the ballet itself, and how much by Prince and Sinatra, and the pleasurable permission they offer to let audiences enjoy what they truly enjoy, and all in the hallowed name of high art.
Such an approach to constitutional adjudication, however, cannot help but breed cynicism among the taxpaying public and, more ominously, embolden other nations either to retaliate against U.S.

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