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A small tube that can be inserted into a body cavity, duct, or vessel.
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a hollow tube with a blunt end designed for intro-ducing into the human (or animal) body drugs or X-ray contrastmedia, restoring the patency of the respiratory tract, or with-drawing fluids from the body cavities. It is also used for anatomi-cal, pathologicoanatomic, and laboratory studies. Cannulas aremade of metal, glass, or plastic.

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Distal limb ischemia is a well documented complication when the femoral VA-ECMO cannulation, and this ratio was reported as 18-30% in adults (7).
Percutaneous cannulation of the femoral artery and/or vein provides a faster onset of supportive treatment, but ischaemia and compartment syndrome may be seen particularly in the distal lower extremity after femoral artery cannulation.
Since difficult cannulation is an independent risk factor for PEP, this could account for the higher rate of PEP in Yin et al study13 (7.7% vs 3.3% in our study).
* Determine staff and patient perceptions regarding cannulation.
Ultrasound evaluations of intraluminal needle position were performed in patients who underwent successful cannulations (i.e., one arterial needle and one venous needle) without ultrasound guidance (blind cannulation) and who had achieved the prescribed pump speed without interruption.
This was a prospective cohort study evaluating all infertile women with cornual tubal occlusion who underwent laparoscopic-hysteroscopic tubal cannulation in Life Institute for Endoscopy at Life Specialist Hospital Nnewi, Southeast Nigeria, a private training and research facility, from April 1, 2013, to August 30, 2015.
There are various technical challenges associated with ERCP aside from papillary cannulation. For example, selective seeking of biliary branches is technically challenging.
While the literature remains inconclusive, some suggest significant differences in survival based on cannulation strategy.
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H1: Making premature infants smell amniotic fluid reduces duration of crying induced by peripheral cannulation.
Plastic cannulae for haemodialysis vascular access cannulation have been used in Japan for over 25 years and have now been available to Australian renal units for over five years (Du Toit, 2013).