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A water conduit, pipe, or clay-tile spout on a Hispanic building.
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Even then, Gordon said, he tried to kiss her after she was unconscious and when Cano was looking away.
Both Sandra and Norma had lived hardscrabble lives, making McCorvey and Cano just the kind of down-on-their-luck women the elitist pro-abortion attorneys could use unmercifully to gut the protective abortion statutes of all 50 states.
The event took place at a stadium in the town of San Pedro de Macoris, known as "the Cradle of Shortstops" and birthplace of many great Dominican ballplayers, including Cano, Soriano, Sammy Sosa and Alfonso Soriano.
According to Rovell, Jay-Z's new partnership with Cano is the first step in his quest to become a certified agent.
Cano, however, met the daunting target with blast after blast, drawing roars of delight from the packed stadium.
It all started last Wednesday when Cano had a meeting to attend in the Valley and decided to ride the subway from the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration building downtown.
He added that Cano had never been in any trouble before and came from a good family background.
Cano says his interest in film production was sparked when he was about 11 years old and was asked to act in another film student's production.
The truth is that I did not seek or want an abortion," recalled Cano.
Now two microbiologists, Raul Cano and Monica Borucki of California Polytechnic State University, say they've "rescued" these ancient bacteria from the gut of an insect and brought them back to life
Prior to the filing of the Chapter 11 Case, Cano and its subsidiaries entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with NBI Services, Inc.
Initiative Rallies Support for HTC Brand Ambassador Robinson Cano and RC22 Foundation