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1. (to be performed) in a singing style, i.e. flowingly and melodiously
2. a piece or passage performed in this way



a songful or lyrical quality of a melody or a musical performance. Since the mid-18th century the direction“cantabile” is often placed at the beginning of a piece of music with the indication of tempo to specify the character of the music (andante cantabile in Tchaikovsky’s String Quartet, Opus 11).Occasionally the term is used alone as a title (Cui’s Cantabile for Cello and Piano).

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6, Taktakishvili's Allegro Cantabile, Moderato con moto and Allegro Seherzando; Georges Bizet and Francois Borne's Carmen Fantasy.
Lee regards the newly published Andante cantabile in E major as the first movement of a three-movement work, of which the existing B-minor movement is the third (the title page reads Symphonie en si mineur / Andante / Air de ballet / Final).
CANTABILE are one of the little gems that pop up for just one night at Lichfield Garrick.
Needless to say, the eighteenth Paganini variation, the Andante Cantabile, is ravishing.
Heiner Goebbels, composer; ``Maw: Violin Concerto,'' Nicholas Maw, composer; ``Rorem: Evidence of Things Not Seen,'' Ned Rorem, composer; ``Shchedrin: Concerto Cantabile,'' Rodion Shchedrin, composer.
However, it seemed to me that the Russians performed Serenade with just the right cantabile lilt--a blue thought in a blue shade--and both Lopatkina and Zakharova proved deliquescently lovely in the leading role, while Zelensky (well remembered for his years with City Ballet) is still among the finest exponents of Apollo in our time.
Walker's treatment of the journalism-literature dialogue as enacted in literature offers a productive angle on familiar texts (Therese Desqueyroux, L'Etranger, La Nausee, Portrait d'un inconnu, Moderato cantabile among others).
Her next successes, Le Marin de Gibraltar (1952; The Sailor from Gibraltar) and Moderato cantabile (1958), were more lyrical and complex and more given to dialogue.
Charles Citrine, an educated, mildly successful writer sapped of his energy by an endlessly proliferating world, falls under the spell of the wasted genius Von Humboldt Fleisher, a " poet, thinker, problem drinker " (partly modeled on Bellow's friend Delmore Schwartz ), and a sleazy operator named Rinaldo Cantabile.
Cantabile Youth Choir in Nuneaton will be welcoming new members on Sunday, January 17.
Esto, sin embargo, no quiere decir que otros cantantes esten impedidos para abordar, no solo con decoro sino con gran exito, obras consideradas propias de esa particular forma cantabile, aunque cada caso es particular y cada interprete otorga su version segun la obra.
Tuesday will also mark a special performance by choral group Cantabile who host an event dedicated to words and music written by and about people at war - particularly World War 1.