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Light duty trucks like the Canter stir economies at the grassroots, making sure goods are accessible to the people.
Canter joined Fidelity as COO of the RIA business in 2009, and has led the custodian's practice management and consulting business for RIAs.
The support of the Jackson Canter Group will enable the club's official charity to continue to run its evening Youth Zone for children and young people, aged 7-11 and 12-19.
5 tonne vehicles, which are van-based, the Canter is a proper little truck.
Commenting on the new Canter Van, Manoj said, "FUSO already has a stronghold in Oman with its wide product portfolio of light, medium and heavy-duty trucks, together with the light-duty Rosa bus.
Jockey Club Estates has recently submitted plans to ncrease the number of all-weather canters on the famous hill from two to three and also add a new trotting ring adjacent to Old Station Road that would help to ease congestion at peak times.
Mr Canter, who was 15 at the time, joined the youth theatre as an assistant stage manager for two productions on which Davis worked.
However, the canter family isn't limited to just one model -- it offers a level of flexibility and model variation that is unmatched in its segment.
Dolniya did a slow canter for about 600 metres and then upped the tempo for the next 1,200 metres.
As part of the recognition of the compassionate work done by the CANTER New England (http://www.
BEIRUT: A German expert has identified fragments of a vehicle found at the scene of the Hariri assassination as likely belonging to a Mitsubishi Canter van, another step in prosecutors' intricate case to show that the infamous attack was carried out by a suicide bomber.
Prof Canter said: "Trying to give offenders a different perspective is very difficult especially when it's a different way of thinking about themselves.