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see blister beetleblister beetle,
common name for certain soft-bodied, usually black or brown, mostly elongate and cylindrical beetles belonging to the family Meloidae. Blister beetles are common insects found feeding on the flowers and foliage of various plants. Occasionally some, e.g.
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Although there is a very handy cast of characters at the beginning of the book, an equally helpful list, for example, would have been a glossary of alchemic or technical poisoning terms--for example, the term "cantharides" is mentioned with frequency, but never defined (it was known as "Spanish fly," a legendary aphrodisiac, but also very toxic).
Direct assessment of peripheral pharmacokinetics in humans: comparison between cantharides blister fluid sampling, in vivo microdialysis and saliva sampling.
Spanish Fly or cantharides, if taken internally, cause excruciating irritation to the intestine and urinary tract.