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see blister beetleblister beetle,
common name for certain soft-bodied, usually black or brown, mostly elongate and cylindrical beetles belonging to the family Meloidae. Blister beetles are common insects found feeding on the flowers and foliage of various plants. Occasionally some, e.g.
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cantharis for ulcers, hay fever disappears with euphrasia and travel sickness will be helped by taking cocculus.
Cantharis, known as Spanish fly, is made from the crushed, dried Cantharis vesictoria beetle.
Cantharis: This remedy is particularly effective for bladder problems.
We recommended that she take Cantharis immediately, and she was much improved by the following day and needed no conventional care.
A TAKE one Cantharis 30c tablet twice daily, at least 30 minutes before or after eating, and hold it in the mouth for at least a minute before swallowing.
Homeopathic: Use cantharis for severe burns and belladonna for dry, red throbbing skin.