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common name for wild and domestic waterfowl of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and swans. It is hunted and bred for its meat, eggs, and feathers. Strictly speaking, duck refers to the female and drake to the male.
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A painting of canvasback ducks with a Chesapeake Bay retriever by Catherine Temple of Clarkston, Wash.
The Upper Bay Museum: Located in North East, displays thousands of waterfowl hunting tools including a rare double sink box and a fully outfitted bushwacking boat filled with original wooden canvasback duck decoys.
This latest series features, for example, extremely rare footage of egg parasitism by the north America canvasback duck, captured by cameraman Barrie Britton.
The new Waterfowl Stamp, which will go on sale for the 2017/18 hunting season, will feature artwork that must include a canvasback duck and a Chesapeake Bay retriever.
customized and created a camouflage system for his 14-foot, 4-inch Carstens Industries Canvasback duck boat.