cap block

drive cap

A steel attachment placed over the top end of a pile to prevent damage while it is driven in the ground.
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The components such as beam, cap block, chock block, and column are connected with each other by short sticks.
Grade the soil so water flows around the wall (Photo 7).To prevent water and soil from washing through the joints of the cap block, lay 6-in.
To keep the arch securely in place, drive a pair of screws from below, through the cap block into the arch.
A special snap-on cap blocks air entry from the top.
Some retaining-wall systems include cap blocks to create a more finished look for the top course.
Our support wall consisted of one concrete block high by two blocks wide, with cap blocks on top.
Systems also vary in how they handle corners, setbacks, cap blocks, columns and steps.
All that was capped with 8" x 2" x 16" cement cap blocks.
We needed special stair blocks, retaining wall blocks (one decorative side), freestanding wall blocks (two decorative sides for the sitting wall around the patio), cap blocks (wall tops), and an assortment of corner blocks and pavers.
Usually that's just a matter of fitting and gluing down the cap blocks without pins.