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(1) The cessation of resistance by ground, air, and naval forces or part of them in theaters or other regions of military operations, fortresses, or fortified regions and inhabited localities or at sea or on naval bases and elsewhere upon conditions presented by the victor or agreed upon in negotiations between the commanders. Capitulation is, as a rule, accompanied by the surrender of all armament, military ships and aircraft, fortresses, fortified areas, and materiel to the enemy, while personnel become prisoners of the victor.

(2) In international law, the cessation of armed struggle and the surrender of the armed forces of a belligerent state. Capitulation, as a rule, involves the imposition of political, economic, military, and other obligations on the state that has capitulated.

An unconditional capitulation is usually signed if the armed forces have been completely routed and includes recognition of this fact by the defeated state and the surrender of all armed forces. The victorious state may temporarily assume supreme power and establish an occupation regime in the defeated state.

After the unconditional capitulation of Hitlerite Germany and Japan at the end of World War II (1939–5) the Allies, in accordance with special agreements such as the Potsdam Declaration of July 26, 1945, carried out measures toward a democratization of the political regime in these countries, outlawed and disbanded criminal state organizations and political parties, and imposed economic, political, military, and other obligations on Germany and Japan.

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"I am disappointed that we haven't started with two wins, instead of one point from a possible 10 but this season has got an awful long way to run and we are not going to capitulate after just two games."
They look to have lost their defensive solidity, with 15 let in already their league games, and Liverpool's pounding should eventually see them capitulate.
The July 7 cover of Western Report (W.R.), the weekly news magazine out of Edmonton, portrayed a snoozing bishop with the words: "See no evil: Canada's somnolent Catholic bishops capitulate on gay rights to cover up a same-sex spousal benefits deal with the victims of their homosexual priests." The four-page feature story was headed: "The treason of the clerics.
NEWCASTLE manager SAM ALLARDYCE admitted the pressure was back on after seeing his side capitulate in dismal style at Wigan.
NUNS coach Chris Tarbuck was scathing in his criticism of his players after watching them capitulate to Wharfedale.
Brian Clemenson's 1-8 favourite raced clear on the first lap and was matched `in-running' at 1.01 (1-100) on the exchange, only to capitulate close home, going down by three-parts of a length to Harry Crapper's runner - the first time a greyhound has traded at the minimum price possible on the betting exchange and been beaten, although it is a far from uncommon occurrence in horseracing.
But superstar batsman Sachin Tendulkar was in no mood to capitulate and hammered the England attack all round the ground.
How can a team so fired up at home capitulate, roll over and play dead, so easily on away grounds.