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a brilliant virtuoso instrumental piece with a free form, often implying whimsical alternation of episodes and moods.

Originally capricci were vocal pieces of the madrigal type, but at the turn of the 17th-century there appeared instrumental capricci that had a polyphonic texture and were close to the ricer-car, canzone, fantasia, and toccata. The 18th-century solo capricci were seemingly improvised cadences that gave the performer an opportunity to demonstrate the fertility of his imagination. Later the form moved closer to the etude in violin music (24 capricci by N. Paganini for violin solo, also known in piano adaptations by F. Liszt and R. Schumann); it also approached the “characteristic” piece for the clavier and the piano.

The 19th-century orchestral capricci usually had a strong na-tional flavor (Tchaikovsky’s Capriccio italien and Rimsky-Kor-sakov’s Capriccio espagnol).

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Online retailer ( World Market has Capriccio described on its website as a Sangria that can be enjoyed "straight from the bottle or poured on the rocks with fresh fruit."
As a film, 'A Capriccio of Forest and Earth' will embody Professor Miyawaki's 85-year journey and work and evoke additional messages for the future.
"Capriccio" has three unforgettable numbers, all done to perfection: La Roche's 10-minute monologue extolling the glory of theater; a great octet in which each character takes his stand; and the Countess' ravishing final scene in which she looks into her mirror and tries to decide if her lover shall be Olivier or Flamand.
Negev and Koren conclude that in Capriccio, a limited edition of twenty poems addressed to Assia that Hughes published in 1990, Hughes was essentially creating a version for posterity.
The promenaders, that hardcore band of fans that stand at the foot of the stage, got a real treat when the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra evoked the essence of Spain to perfection in Rimsky-Korsakov's Capriccio Espagnol.
His music is available on CD on the Delos, Arabesque, Capriccio, Centaur, Sonora, Crystal, Opus 3, and West Point Academy labels, and much of it is published by MMB Music, Inc.
This year's shows include the world premiere of Cologne Opera's production of Capriccio and the visual arts performance Jardins Publics.
Recorded in Maui, Hawai'i, the island's post-colonial history serves as a backdrop for a number of tracks, most notably the deceptively sing-songy lament "Hawai'ian Love Song." ("That Haole/ he all sentimental, he all inter-continental/ he all thinkin' everybody mental who don't want a border/ Borders Bookstore/ built over their bones/ Hawai'i/ The lovers the dreamers and Elvis so blue/ pineapples are native/ and the labor is too.") JoJoboy and co-producer Adam Capriccio's sample selection (everything from Islamic prayers to slack-key guitar loops to 1980's dance synths and bass drum hits), well-placed live instrumentation and tight vocal arrangements allow the musical backdrops to do justice to the density of their lyricism.
* Canaletto also painted another kind of view picture called a "capriccio." While a view painting shows an actual scene, a capriccio consists of well-known buildings and monuments in a city where the artist has arranged them to satisfy his imagination.
Shostakovich's woodwind arrangement of two Domenico Scarlatti pieces, Pastorale and Capriccio, found the Sinfonia on top form in a performance of neatly worked detail and well turned phrasing.
The concert closed with Tchaikovsky's sunny Capriccio Italien, which gave another opportunity for the orchestra's excellent brass section to shine.