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An economic activity in a modern economy contains, at one side, the production of goods and services and exchange of them, often called real economy; it also contains, at the other side, also the monetary economy which does not just include the financial reflection of the real activity but also capsulate the pure monetary transactions consisting from the transactions among the financial tools.
But a set of ctures of Pte Thomas Mann capsulate three incredible tales.
capsulate was capable of producing gold NPs extracellularly and the gold NPs were quite stable in the solution.
Among these fossils are dispersed pollen, capsulate fruits (sometimes containing seeds), and dispersed seeds, leaves, and flowers.
In this formulation of a soft war strategy, one could also identify a specific and revealing "branding" shortcut, a way that Iranian officials could capsulate and frame the energies that would go into a soft war.
As illustrated in figure 5, the modularization of the workflow elements capsulate activities and a flat hierarchy between the engineering disciplines allow dynamical execution and those to avoid a stagnation of particular engineering groups.
75, dp), right margin indented laterally, with crenulated margin, right lateral margin with membrane with short forked process (may have become detached from lateral margin during dissection), blade ending in acute point, left margin with black-brown sclerotised, apically recurved bar, with curved, downwardly-directed process at point of bend; sperm pump (Figs 74a, 74b) heavily sclerotised, brown, with rugose surface, capsulate, ovoid, with apical extension and distinct sclerotised lip around apical opening (this became detached during dissection and its position in relation to the rest of the terminalia complex cannot be accessed).