captain's house

captain’s house

In colonial New England, a house having a truncated hipped roof and chimneys at both gable ends; has a widow’s walk and/or a cupola on the roof.
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References in classic literature ?
'Here,' says the boatswain to him that was a-writing, 'is the gentlewoman that the captain spoke to you of'; and turning to me, he said, 'I have been so far from forgetting your business, that I have been up at the captain's house, and have represented faithfully to the captain what you said, relating to you being furnished with better conveniences for yourself and your husband; and the captain has sent this gentleman, who is made of the ship, down with me, on purpose to show you everything, and to accommodate you fully to your content, and bid me assure you that you shall not be treated like what you were at first expected to be, but with the same respect as other passengers are treated.'
Captain Boldwig was a little fierce man in a stiff black neckerchief and blue surtout, who, when he did condescend to walk about his property, did it in company with a thick rattan stick with a brass ferrule, and a gardener and sub-gardener with meek faces, to whom (the gardeners, not the stick) Captain Boldwig gave his orders with all due grandeur and ferocity; for Captain Boldwig's wife's sister had married a marquis, and the captain's house was a villa, and his land 'grounds,' and it was all very high, and mighty, and great.
Chickens and cats, wading perturbedly in the water, as by common consent, with flight and scramble took refuge on the roof of the captain's house. A Paumotan, with a litter of new-born puppies in a basket, climbed into a cocoanut tree and twenty feet above the ground made the basket fast.
It enjoyed one of the highest number of visitors last year, 211,500, although it is a drop by a thousand.Since September of last year, the castle has been under reconstruction, including the Captain's House and utilities.
The iconic Sea Captain's House restaurant in Myrtle Beach is expanding with a brand new outdoor bar.
In Tehran, we were - thanks to my father - able to rent a private room in a Persian captain's house and my mother found a job in a shop.
The full moon is June 27 and the first big spawners will be on the beach, spread out from the Chum Hole south to the Captain's House. Live pogies and ribbonfish are what most kingfish pros will tune up for tournament season with, but big live mullet are not to be overlooked.
Other fishermen would be made to do other work - like painting or cleaning the captain's house.
Spyglass 1708, Whitby Sleeps 4: This Grade II-listed sea captain's house has an amazing view of Whitby Abbey and has been transformed into a boutique style luxury apartment.
It's 15 years since the first review on TripAdvisor was posted - for the Captain's House in Chatham, Massachusetts, which was given four stars - 200 million reviews later, and TripAdvisor is the most popular travel website and app in the world.
Not only have we seen the council's planning committee wave through permission to demolish a city centre row of 1770s merchant town houses at 86-90 Duke Street to build another surplus office block, but a Grade II-listed former sea captain's house at 71 Everton Road mysteriously disappeared last month.
This was a particularly bitter dispute, with one shift captain's house being dynamited and a local policeman being shot in the leg by picketers.