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1. the person in charge of and responsible for a vessel
2. the officer in command of a civil aircraft, usually the senior pilot
3. the leader of a team in games
4. US a policeman in charge of a precinct



an officer rank in the army of most states.

The rank (title) of captain appeared for the first time in France, where in the Middle Ages commanders of individual military districts were called captains. After 1558 company commanders were called captains, and higher commanders were called captain generals. In Russia the rank of captain appeared first in the 16th century as a title for foreign officers; in the 17th century it was applied to company commanders in the new type of regiments; in the early 18th century it was introduced throughout the whole regular Russian Army; in the cavalry (except in the dragoons) the rank of rotmistr corresponded to the rank of captain. From 1705 to 1798, there existed also the rank of lieutenant captain, which was later replaced by the rank of staff captain. In 1882 the rank of captain in the dragoon regiments and in the gendarmerie corps was replaced by the rank of rotmistr.

Captain is also an officer rank in the navies of most countries; some countries have the ranks of corvette captain, frigate captain, and captain of the ship. From the early 18th century the Russian Navy had the following captain’s ranks: commander (1707–32, 1751–64, and 1798–1827), captain of the ship (1701–13 and 1732–51), captain first and second class (1713–32 and 1751–1917), captain third class (1713–32), captain fourth class (1713–17), and lieutenant captain (1713–1884 and 1909–11).

In the Soviet armed forces in 1935 the military rank of captain was introduced in the ground forces and in the air force; in the same year the ranks of captain first, second, and third class and lieutenant captain were introduced in the navy.

What does it mean when you dream about a captain?

Captains in dreams often represent authority and decision makers. If one dreams about being a captain, one typically feels in charge (as in the “captain of our ship”).

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Captainship, majorship, and colonelship are inextricably nested in generalship.
One of the primary reasons for this slowdown is in the high number of product failures, especially among large companies with substantial budgets and distribution channel captainship, which are the factors that usually lead to success.
They're excited about my captainship, excited about this version of the franchise, and really kind of delighted by it and anxious for us to get going and do more and more and more," he says.
When Croatia visited Dublin in 1996 he celebrated his first captainship of Ireland with the strike which got the Irish out of jail in a 2-2 draw.
Apart from his long-standing team captainship on Have I Got News For You, he has limited his workload since overdoing things a few years ago.
His eyes gaze not directly into the photographer's lens but beyond it, with that wistful gaze perhaps common to all emigrants, and more nearly peculiar to one who gazes beyond the immediate past ("Just from Swit zerland") to his captainship in the Sixth Bavarian.
Felicitated at a public function for achieving `the highest honour to which a cricketer can aspire', Pai replied, `the honour of captainship should have been given to his friend Mr Baloo, he being the senior and experienced player in the team'.
She continues her captainship on Shooting Stars this autumn and is currently filming a new series of Gladiators.
We found the ultimate answer in the Cadre system - creating a Cadre of leaders rather than single or dual captainship.
And for Deronda assuming the ethos of selfless duty toward the Jewish people means, paradoxically, fulfilling a long-standing desire for self-fulfillment: "Since I began to read and know," he tells Mordecai and Mirah, "I have always longed for some ideal task, in which I might feel myself the heart and brain of a multitude--some social captainship, which would come to me as a duty, and not be striven for as a personal prize" (698).
Belich seems to be pointing to a Maori facility for captainship of industty.
The 33- year old cricketer retired from Test cricket at the end of 2014, ceding his Indian national team captainship to fellow star Virat Kohli but remains India's skipper at the One Day International and T20 levels.