car door

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elevator car door

A door at the entrance to an elevator car.
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As she prepared to depart, a man opened the rear car door and attempted to pull the child out of the vehicle.
When the car eventually came to a stop, police used a Taser to get him under control but he put the car in reverse and the officer was struck by the car door.
The firm consulted neural scientists, studied research of how a brain reacts when a luxury car door closes and then selected optimum materials and adjusted the shape of the door by tenths of millimetres to get the sound just right.
But when he tried to drive off, his ex-wife grabbed the car door to prevent them leaving.
"I didn't know car doors could close while your hand is wedged in.
Police dog Alfa, who helped in the arrest of a suspected thief despite having his head repeatedly slammed in a car door
"I tried to open the car door and everything just sagged.
The Government is also considering measures to cut the chances of cyclists being hit by car doors or overtaken too closely by vehicles, including advice for drivers and passengers to open their car doors with their arm which is furthers away from the handle when they are sitting in their seat.
But even he could not have predicted the 37-year-old would be this outrageous - and close her own car door as she arrived at the Royal Academy of Arts exhibition in London.
It's something millions of us do every single day, but when the Duchess of Sussex closed her car door on Tuesday, the internet was watching and had something to say.
On Tuesday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of beating a policeman and causing Dh1,316 worth of damage to the car door.