car sickness

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car sickness:

see motion sicknessmotion sickness,
waves of nausea and vomiting experienced by some people, resulting from the sudden changes in movement of a vehicle. The ailment is also known as seasickness, car sickness, train sickness, airsickness, and swing sickness.
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The RAC says car sickness - common in children - can be a safety hazard and has given a checklist of ways to combat the problem.
When asked about mishaps in the car, muddy boots, wet clothes, car sickness and bathroom accidents were all reported.
For children who are prone to car sickness, try to limit activities in which the eyes are focused in the car, such as reading and playing hand-held games.
CAR sickness is caused by an imbalance of fluids in the inner ear.
HELP is at hand for car sickness sufferers, thanks to a revolutionary new product.
They are the kind of rally routes which could easily trigger car sickness in a less stable vehicle but the Toyota remained composed and unruffled.
The site includes advice for parents on everything from packing a suitcase and pre-vacation car safety, to creative ways to reward good behavior and prevent car sickness.
Don't have a heavy meal or alcohol just before a journey and drive if you can, as this usually prevents car sickness.
Story tapes only go so far, even when the audience can agree on the choice, and after that it's car sickness and territorial squabbling".
Story tapes only go so far,after that it's car sickness, squabbling and the mysterious ability of three-year-olds to do with ease and stealth things they are then utterly incapable of undoing - like unfastening their seat belt, opening the window to see how far they can throw a shoe,or revealing in the outside lane of a motorway that Somebody, Naming No Names,forgot to check the child locks this morning.