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spiral stair, caracole, circular stair, cockle stair, corkscrew stair, spiral staircase

spiral stair
A flight of stairs, circular in plan, whose treads wind around a central newel. Also called a helical stair, solid newel stair.
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Old equipment or not, Caracole beer is a finer beer than any mass-produced malty beverage from the United States.
Neil Bartlett, I believe, is correct when he says that the absence of all homosexuals in Caracole is meant to alert the reader to how gay the novel really is since "a gay text is not the same thing as text `about' gayness." For Bartlett, what makes Caracole, among other works, gay is "the lack of shared meaning between the hero and his world."
During the eighties, Edmund White lived in Paris, where he wrote his last mythic book, Caracole, as well as a biography of Jean Genet.
Caracole is a book that comes to the reader surrounded by others.
Au-dela de ses prouesses affichees du secteur des voyages et de ses vocations averees du septieme art, la cite caracole en termes des energies renouvelables en serie des phases de [beaucoup moins que]Nour[beaucoup plus grand que].
Caption: The curvaceous Avon-dale Sectional from Caracole is wrapped in soft pearlescent brushed chenille.
L'Algerie caracole en tete du groupe J des qualifications de la CAN-2017 avec 6 points grace a ses deux succes contre respectivement les Seychelles (4-0) et le Lesotho (3-1).
Dans le groupe C, LE[micro]w, meme s'il caracole seul en tete de poule avec l'Allemagne, se sait surveille au pays depuis la deception de la demi-finale de l'Euro perdue contre l'Italie.
Ce faisant, il caracole aujourd'hui a la tete de la liste des plus grands producteurs d'automobile en Afrique.
Caracole debuted its Modern Streamline collection inspired by 1 940s American industrial design popular in the post Art Deco era.