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[ClickPress, Tue Jul 09 2019] Owing to the increasing use of Food Carbohydrase in several applications like processed food, dairy products, baker and confectionary etc.
Effects of dietary supplementation of emulsifier and carbohydrase on the growth performance, serum cholesterol and breast meat fatty acids profile of broiler chickens.
Phytase has positive contributions for use in animal feed supplementation; however, it is still necessary to evaluate the specific effects of carbohydrases and proteases on multienzymatic complexes [92-96].
It was concluded that feeding layers with diets containing 10% wheat bran was practically feasible without compromising production performance, egg shell quality, intestinal carbohydrase activity and mRNA expression of SGLT-1.
In addition, the herbivorous Oreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia) demonstrated higher carbohydrase activity than protease activity when compared to carnivorous and omnivorous fish (TENGJAROENKUL et al., 2000).
Gusakov AV, Kondratyeva EG, Sinitsyn AP (2011) Comparison of two methods for assaying reducing sugars in the determination of carbohydrase activities.
Anti-hyperglycemic activity of Centella asiatica is partly mediated by carbohydrase inhibition and glucose-fiber binding.
Josefiak et al., (2010) indicated that the combination of carbohydrase and phytase enzymes may serve as an attractive means of facilitating nutrient availability for digestion and thus enhance the feeding value of wheat-soybean meal-based diets containing full-fat rapeseed.
The effect of phytase and carbohydrase on ileal amino acid digestibility in monogastric diets: Complementary mode of action?
Degradation of cell wall polysaccharides by combinations of carbohydrase enzymes and their on nutrient utilization and broiler chicken performance.

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