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seltzer water,

mineral water containing free carbon dioxide, obtained originally from springs at Niederselters, Germany. Reputed to have curative value in treating several diseases, it became very popular in the 19th cent. In the 20th cent. it was produced synthetically and, as soda water, is widely used as a beverage, often lightly flavored, as well as a component of other beverages.
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While various studies have focused on single low salinity water injection or carbonated water injection in carbonate, hybrid EOR has not yet been investigated as a carbonated low salinity water injection (CLSWI) technique.
Fortunately, carbonated water isn't nearly as acidic as soda or coffee or fruit juice.
It's the new crop of unsweetened flavored carbonated waters that trend-spotters have, um, spotted.
On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into Still Water, Carbonated Water, Flavored and Functional Water.
A No -- they both provide the same amount of hydration glass for glass, although many people find that carbonated water feels nicer in the mouth.
Developed and patented by Hong Kong-based Incap Ltd, the new twist-off style holds and then dispenses either dry or liquid ingredients into a PET bottle containing still or carbonated water.
"The problem was that the powder had a very bitter flavour and was therefore often mixed with sugar and carbonated water to make it more palatable, effectively creating tonic water.
Five tenders for the supply of (a) different type imported boneless frozen meat, (b) bottled and carbonated water in different sizes, (c) imported & frozen shrimp and fish, (d) high quality tea in 9 gms.
Other examples range from Cooking Light, Welch's, and Sunny D for flavored, carbonated water made in SodaStream machines to Wolfgang Puck, Campbell's, and CocaCola for coffee, soup, and cold drinks, respectively, made in Keurig single-cup brewers.
Large limes - 2; mint leaves - 1/2 bunch; strawberries, quartered - 7; white sugar - 1 cup; carbonated water - 3 cups
"Is it naturally carbonated water, from the icy springs of somewhere exotic, ideally in South America, or perhaps Antarctica, fresh from a lake into which mountain streams trickle their water, formed from the purest melted snow, given an additional sparkle by passing through mineral springs whose natural fizziness comes from volcanic gases?"