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(organic chemistry)
Addition of a carboxyl group into a molecule.
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the direct introduction of the carboxyl group —COOH to organic compounds by the action of CO2. For example, carboxylation of organometallic compounds occurs during the passage of CO2 through a solution of the compound; subsequent hydrolysis yields carboxylic acid:

Salicylic acid and ^-aminosalicylic acid (PASA), used in medicine, are obtained through a singular carboxylation process involving the corresponding phenolates, for example

Carboxylation in an organism is effected by specific enzymes, forexample, pyruvate carboxylase catalyzes the carboxylation ofpyruvic acid. Carboxylation plays an important role in the oxida-tion of intermediate products of the decomposition of carbohy-drates, fats, and proteins in the organism.

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The sharp decrease in contact angle is primarily due to the ionized carboxylate group of included DMPA, and the control samples (CIPA20 and CIPA30) also display a sharp decrease because DMPA is also included in PU frame in the control CIPA series.
The linear one dimensional chain formed by Mn1 ions and the binuclear chain formed by Mn2 ions are linked by [H.sub.3]L ligand via O3 and O4 carboxylate oxygen by syn, syn bridging mode (figure 2.c) to build up the three dimensional complex (Figure 2.d).
We identified indole or indazole carboxylate SCRA in 17 clinical cases, including indoles in 11 (5F-PB 22, 7; FUB-PB-22, 3; BB-22, 1) andindazoles in 12 (5F-NPB-22, 10; FUB-NPB-22, 1; 5F-SDB005, 2).
Conversely, the crystallinity and carboxylate content increased notably when the ozone dosage increased from 0.42% to 0.87%.
The interaction in vitro among lisinopril and [Zn.sup.2+] ion is similar to which is suggested in vivo, once the lisinopril coordination occurs through the oxygen atom of the central carboxylate moiety [9].
Characterization data are in agreement with a cis geometry and a chelated coordination, through the carboxylate group, for the quinaldate and kynurenate ligands.
It is apparent that also the carboxylate portion varies not only with absorbed dose but also with time.
However, it is interesting to observe that the increase trend of the film resistance [R.sub.f] is consistent with the assumption that the carboxylate acts plugging the pores, making the film more resistive.
The levels of both oseltamivir and its active metabolite oseltamivir carboxylate were found to be considerably higher above the lowest inhibitory (MIC) value for influenza and serious adverse effect related with the drug was not observed.
In the chemical structure of POA, whose scheme has been shown in literature 16, the ortho-position (occupied by a nitrogen atom) to one carboxylate group at a given monomeric unit would be located in meta-position relative to the carboxylate group of the neighboring unit.
Carboxylate cement is stronger than eugenol-based cement and bonds weakly to the tooth itself Unmixed Carboxylate cement comes as a powder and liquid, that can be mixed on the plastic surface of a used autoclave bag, using the wooden end of a cotton tip applicator.
In that way, carboxylate has been identified as the group mainly responsible for chelation between humic substances and metallic ions (Holman et al., 2002).