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carcass, carcase

1.The framework of a building before the addition of sheathing or other covering.
2. The frame or main parts of a structure unfinished and unornamented, lacking masonry, brickwork, floors, carpentry, plastering, inside trim, etc.
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Alison Middleton, prosecuting for the local authority, said the regulations requiring prompt removal of dead animals from farmland were aimed at preventing the spread of disease, either through watercourses or to other livestock through scavengers feeding from carcases.
The slight annual decline in English carcase quality was evident in both steers and heifers, although young bull quality improved somewhat, following its noticeable decline in 2004.
Ms Browne said: "Together with the differences in carcase weight but excluding any underweight penalties, the poorer quality of these lighter carcases would reduce returns by at least another pounds 100 per head.
Once the marketing distortions of BSP have been removed, the advantages of the improvement should increasingly be realised in faster steer finishing, improving both production efficiency and carcase quality.
That is according to the latest annual carcase classification summary from the English Beef and Lamb Executive.
More detailed analysis reveals year-on-year improvements in both the leanness and conformation of all three classes of stock ( steers, heifers and young bulls ( to record the best all-round English beef carcase quality of recent years.
NFU national livestock board chairman and Lancashire farmer Thomas Binns said: "The splitting of the carcase is adding significant cost to the industry and devaluing farmers' produce.
In addition to this they discovered partial neck muscle removal, which is outside specification, and that fat was also taken from the thoracic cavity despite not being allowed under the current carcase dressing rules.
Tesco Producer Club members must supply to a set carcase specification -- Tesco has no stated preference for particular breeds or crosses.
Consolidating the gains of recent years, comfortably over 50% of all classes of carcase met the 'R or better' target for conformation.
It assesses sheep carcase classification and meat yield.
Average carcase weights have also increased from 305kg in 2011 to 311kg in 2012, suggesting that target fat class is being sacrificed in pursuit of higher weights in heifers.