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carcass, carcase

1.The framework of a building before the addition of sheathing or other covering.
2. The frame or main parts of a structure unfinished and unornamented, lacking masonry, brickwork, floors, carpentry, plastering, inside trim, etc.
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It was determined that there were not significant differences between the groups in terms of carcass yield results and the weight of the heart and the liver.
Hot carcass yield and relative organ weights were calculated using the following formulas:
Raw and steam cooked carcass yields of guinea fowl.
Carcass yield and quality traits of Hanwoo steers by different feeding system are shown in Table 6.
2006), who assessed the carcass yield in Caninde goats subjected to 0% and 30% feed restriction and did not report difference in biological yield, thus demonstrating that it was the GIT content that led to the differences in carcass yields.
High fiber content of DDGS in the current studies might increase intestinal growth and thickened the gut wall, resulting reduced carcass yield percentage.
According to the results of the current study, increasing the levels of digestible lysine in the diet does not affect the quantitative carcass characteristics of finishing pigs (8, 24) nor have significant effects been detected when changing the nutritional plan by adjusting those levels in the diets on carcass yield or lean carcass yield (5).
Chris Jones, Cambrian Training Company's head of curriculum for food manufacture, will act as advisor to the judges who will be looking for creative ideas, cutting and display techniques, added value, food safety and personal hygiene, maximum carcass yield and skills content.
Carcass quality traits were measured in centimetre (cm) using measuring tape except carcass yield which was calculated as percentage of live weight and outlined in USDA Farmer's Bulletin [8, 9] as follows: % carcass yield (the animal weight less head, foot, skin and gut content), carcass length (distance from end of leg to crouch), carcass width (distance from scapular to sternum), trochanter width and leg length.
This study examined the effects of kaolin, bentonite and zeolite on energy efficiency ratio (EER), protein efficiency ratio (PER), ileal digestibility of energy, ileal digestibility of protein and carcass yield in broilers.
05) in carcass yield and giblets due different levels of either metabolizable energy or fat [16].