card frame

card frame, card plate

A metal frame, attached to a door or drawer, which holds a name card or label.
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Cut strips and other shapes from the black paper and glue them to your card frame to make your design.
"Taken as a whole, the ability to have 6G-SDI signals in a slot card frame with so many other formats and resolutions is a big win for our customers," stated Keith Frey, PureLink's Senior Product Manager.
Visit What we used: 2 x Plastikote super spray paint in black matt, 400ml, pounds 6.98, B&Q (, 6 x polished chrome card frame drawer pulls pounds 3.20 each (www.
Buy some cheap card frame drawer pulls to make your own.
Designed for copper wiring environments where frequent patching and a high density is required, the UniPatch GigE patch panel features a high-density card frame system, a modular design and offset jack positioning to counter the effects of alien crosstalk.
This is a card frame product, and depending on the functions that are populated, pricing can range from $100 per card to $2,000 per card.
Each will be created on luxury parchment paper (90 gsm), and delivered in a black and silver embossed card frame strut mount, sealed and gift wrapped.