card frame

card frame, card plate

A metal frame, attached to a door or drawer, which holds a name card or label.
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Cut strips and other shapes from the black paper and glue them to your card frame to make your design.
"Taken as a whole, the ability to have 6G-SDI signals in a slot card frame with so many other formats and resolutions is a big win for our customers," stated Keith Frey, PureLink's Senior Product Manager.
Visit What we used: 2 x Plastikote super spray paint in black matt, 400ml, pounds 6.98, B&Q (, 6 x polished chrome card frame drawer pulls pounds 3.20 each (www.
Buy some cheap card frame drawer pulls to make your own.
In some cases, one PXI module can occupy two or three contiguous slots in a PXI card frame. "Basically, the PXI standard was designed for non-RF instruments," noted Carey of Aeroflex.
Designed for copper wiring environments where frequent patching and a high density is required, the UniPatch GigE patch panel features a high-density card frame system, a modular design and offset jack positioning to counter the effects of alien crosstalk.
This is a card frame product, and depending on the functions that are populated, pricing can range from $100 per card to $2,000 per card.
Each will be created on luxury parchment paper (90 gsm), and delivered in a black and silver embossed card frame strut mount, sealed and gift wrapped.
Card frame widths range from 4 HP (.8") to 110 HP (22") with flexible card spacing and depth/height divisions without losing part or full slot position in standard width card-frames.
An extruded aluminum card frame system provides maximum cooling airflow between slot positions.