cardamine hirsuta

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hairy bittercress

hairy bittercress

A bitter edible invasive weed in the mustard family that’s difficult to erradicate, so we might as well eat it. Hot, radish-like flavor similar to watercress. Not really hairy, it makes a wonderful spicy salad green. Little vertical stick-like seed pods stand upright surrounding tiny white flowers. Related to Large Bittercress (Cardamine amara ), and Wavy Bittercress (Cardamine flexuosa), which are also edible.
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While in Pisum sativum (pea) the transcription factor UNIFOLIATA (UN1) is required for organogenic regions at leaf margins, plants such as Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) and Cardamine hirsuta employ class 1 homeodomain transcription factors to achieve activity of these organogenic regions (Hay & Tsiantis, 2006; Champagne et al.
The genetic basis for differences in leaf form between Arabidopsis thaliana and its wild relative Cardamine hirsuta.
Cardamine hirsuta, the hairy bitter cress, has become one of the worst examples of the Cruciferae family to invade our gardens in recent years and needs constant vigilance to manage it's invasive and devious nature - remember that this ephemeral weed can germinate, grow, flower and set seed 12 months of the year - even when you are indoors by the fireside.