Cardiac Output

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cardiac output

[′kärd·ē‚ak ′au̇t‚pu̇t]
The total blood flow from the heart during a specified period of time.
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Cardiac Output


the quantity of blood ejected by the heart in one minute. It is equal to the product obtained by multiplying the systolic, or stroke, volume of blood ejected by the heart with each contraction (systole) by the number of contractions per minute (pulse frequency).

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Hence, in such condition, the cardiac output is very much increased.
Perioperative goal-directed hemodynamic optimization using noninvasive cardiac output monitoring in major abdominal surgery: a prospective, randomized, multicenter, pragmatic trial: POEMAS Study (Peri Operative goal-directed therapy in Major Abdominal Surgery).
The use of prophylactic glycopyrrolate in conjunction with a phenylephrine infusion was shown to improve cardiac output and heart rate, but at the cost of increased hypertension and an increased incidence of dry mouth.
In the present study, cardiac dysfunction in nonalcoholic cirrhosis has been studied in detail, which shows QTc interval prolongation in 47 patients (67.1%), systolic dysfunction in 37 patients (52.9%), diastolic dysfunction in 57 patients (81.4%), decreased cardiac output and decreased cardiac index in 18 patients (25.7%) and increased serum proBNP in 20 patients (28.6%) out of 70 patients of the study, which is statistically significantly associated with severity of cirrhosis.
As illustrated in Figure 1, the time course of hemodynamics variables, stroke volume and cardiac output, were higher (P<0.05) during HIIE in hypoxia than in normoxia.
This can increase cardiac output as the stroke volume will increase due to decrease in SVR and then result in decreased myocardial oxygen demand [4].
A PAC (Edwards Life Sciences Corporation, Irvine, CA, USA, continuous cardiac output VIP catheter with Sv[O.sub.2], model 746F8) was inserted via the right or left internal jugular vein in order to continuously measure thermodilution cardiac index ([CI.sub.PAC]).
Whereas, aortic out flow, dP/dt(min) diastolic pressure and cardiac output and heart rate remained unaffected.
AF can decrease cardiac output by up to 30% (Cutugno, 2015).
In addition to providing feedback on their technique, this supervised treatment enabled the assessment of access flow, recirculation and cardiac output.
Cardiac output is a key determinant of maximal oxygen uptake and is frequently measured to assess adaptation to various exercise regimes, although its measurement can be invasive and potentially difficult for clinicians and scientists to perform.