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cardinal points

cardinal points

The four principal points on the horizon (see illustration). The north point (n) lies at the intersection of the horizon with the celestial meridian nearest the north celestial pole; the south point (s), diametrically opposite, is the equivalent intersection point closest to the south celestial pole. The east point (e) and west point (w) lie at the intersections of the horizon with the celestial equator, the east point being 90° and the west point 270° clockwise from the north point.

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Cardinal points

North, South, East, and West; elevations facing these directions are called cardinal fronts.
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Cardinal Points


the four principal points of the compass: north, south, east, and west. In Russian, the cardinal points are designated by the Cyrillic letters C (sever, “north”), K)(iug, “south”), B (vostok, “east”), and 3 (zapad, “west”) or by the corresponding Latin letters N, S, O (E), and W.

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cardinal points

cardinal points
Cardinal points around the horizon.
The four intersections of the horizon with the meridian and the prime vertical circle (or simply the prime vertical). The intersection with the meridian is designated north and south, and the intersection with the prime vertical is designated east and west. The cardinal points are 90° apart; they lie in a plane with each other and correspond to the cardinal regions of the heavens. The four basic directions—north, south, east, and west—are collectively known as cardinal points. The four intermediate points—northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest—are called collateral, quadrantal, or intercardinal points.
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The Great Pyramid is unique in several other respects: Its four sides are closely oriented to the cardinal points (the greatest deviation being only a fraction of one degree); its 13.5-acre base is only about an inch off a perfect level; each of its 755-foot sides is less than a foot from being equal in length; and each corner of the first course is within a fractional degree of being a perfect right angle.
Their Lensatic Compass is also liquid-filled, plus cardinal points feature luminous letters.
Other passages with no connection to the myth of Osiris inform us that each meret-chest stood for a cardinal point and together they symbolized dominion over Egypt, probably by equating t??
It is oriented on three cardinal points and thus offers a panoramic view of Bratislava.
Suggesting a four-petaled flower, it also evokes the four cardinal points, the four dimensions, or the arms of the Eastern Orthodox cross.
Inside, the room's cardinal points of style include heavy doses of Spanish populism, pop art and personal, emotional-towing details.
Considering the "many crises and continual ups and downs" the declaration endured, the cardinal points out, it was "almost a miracle that it was ever passed at all."
Site boundaries are delineated by four gateways oriented to the cardinal points. The north entrance by Manuel Tainha serves those coming by car, the southern or sea entrance by Manuel Graca Dias and Egas Jose Vieira includes a tower from the refinery and will serve those coming by coach.
It belongs to a type of literature that anyone who has looked at the jataka stories is familiar with, where all the cardinal points in the Buddha's teachings, such as samsara, punarjanma, and nirvana, are vividly illustrated and explained to the uninstructed listener.
'This is one of the cardinal points of Gov Oluwarotimi Akeredolu-led administration; to improve health care delivery in the state through workable indices,' he said.