cardinal points

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cardinal points

cardinal points

The four principal points on the horizon (see illustration). The north point (n) lies at the intersection of the horizon with the celestial meridian nearest the north celestial pole; the south point (s), diametrically opposite, is the equivalent intersection point closest to the south celestial pole. The east point (e) and west point (w) lie at the intersections of the horizon with the celestial equator, the east point being 90° and the west point 270° clockwise from the north point.

Cardinal points

North, South, East, and West; elevations facing these directions are called cardinal fronts.

Cardinal Points


the four principal points of the compass: north, south, east, and west. In Russian, the cardinal points are designated by the Cyrillic letters C (sever, “north”), K)(iug, “south”), B (vostok, “east”), and 3 (zapad, “west”) or by the corresponding Latin letters N, S, O (E), and W.

cardinal points

cardinal points
Cardinal points around the horizon.
The four intersections of the horizon with the meridian and the prime vertical circle (or simply the prime vertical). The intersection with the meridian is designated north and south, and the intersection with the prime vertical is designated east and west. The cardinal points are 90° apart; they lie in a plane with each other and correspond to the cardinal regions of the heavens. The four basic directions—north, south, east, and west—are collectively known as cardinal points. The four intermediate points—northeast, southeast, northwest, and southwest—are called collateral, quadrantal, or intercardinal points.
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The display and directional indicators provide both cardinal points, and numeric degree digits.
Thickness readings; soft and hard marine growth measurements taken from pre-determined cardinal points both vertically and circumferentially.
This structure was preserved in the remodeling of the building and served Mari and Dirk Snauwaert's conception and mounting of the exhibition, which, like the cardinal points of a compass, radiated outward from a geometrical center.
In any event, we are a small nation, and to split us further according to the cardinal points of the compass is divisive and unhelpful to any constructive debate.
THE Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier-General Suleiman Kazaure has advised corps members to embrace and explore the four cardinal points of the scheme.
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For Jung, feeling, thought, sentiment, and intuition were the cardinal points that orient consciousness in the process of experience.
He sequentially outlined the four cardinal points of Destination Ouidha 'i must quickly mention the four target mission of destination Ouidha which are , Corporate Africa Eco Retreat , CAER , seek to lure Corporate Africans from each country to explore the tourism valuable in each country ; Camp Africa for Children, CAFC, which is solely for an inter-regional cultural and tourism visitation of West - African Children , Youth Africa Tourism Expedition (YATE), designed for newly wedded young Africans, couples to explore blissful and romantic sites to consummate their matrimonial relaxation and Recreational Tourism (RT), for those who just want to feature leisure tourism.
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The dealer, the collector, the critic, and the artist--the four cardinal points of the gallery system--are all here.
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