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a. any game or games played with cards, esp playing cards
b. the playing of such a game

What does it mean when you dream about cards?

Playing cards in a dream can be about recreation or, alternatively, about gambling with our destiny. Cards in a dream can also reflect the meaning of many idioms: “a card up one’s sleeve,” “the cards are stacked against you,” “to hold all the cards,” “trump card,” “house of cards,” etc.


Central Archive for Reusable Defense Software of the DoD.
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Smart cards, plastic cards embedded with a microchip, memory and an operating system, differ from magstripe cards in that they can hold a significant amount of data, allow integration with numerous databases and can be programmed and re-used.
50, said Mallory Kates, vice president of marketing for Minneapolis-based Cardtronic Technology, a provider of health-care specific smart cards.
com), Custom Card Specialist Sean McDonald describes smart cards as "efficiency drains" for many schools; at Blackboard (www.
Magnetic stripe cards ate cheap, and go for between 50 cents and $1 per card.
They never use stolen credit cards to purchase airline tickets when they fly to a distant location to steal or to pass credit cards.
Risk-based pricing makes credit cards available to consumers with less-than-perfect credit histories but also makes the credit more expensive for some consumers.
People send more cards than ever during stressful times,'' she said.
alone, smart-card sales may reach 100 million cards annually by 2002, according to a recent study from Global Trade Consulting Co.
These issues largely revolve around the availability of adequate information to document that the appropriate amount of sales or use tax was paid on purchases made with procurement cards.
According to market research, African Americans purchase an estimated 52 million cards each month.
Today, influential persons would like smart cards to replace all other monies.
For the past year, the Chicago Regional Transit Authority has been testing smart cards that provide identification and an electronic purse for the handicapped.