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  1. the sequence(s) ofprofessional or occupational positions in the life course of an individual.
  2. (by analogy with 1) any individual pattern or progression in a nonoccupational life course, e.g., the ‘deviant career’ of the drug user (BECKER, 1953) or the MORAL CAREER of the mental patient (GOFFMAN, 1964).
Occupational careers may either consist of a sequenced progression in terms of a hierarchy of status and income (as typical of many middle-class careers, see PROFESSIONS), or lack any clear structure or progression, as is more usual for manual workers. Gender differences affecting access to careers has been a recent topic of importance in the sociology of labour markets (e.g. Dex, 1985). See LABOUR MARKET, DUAL LABOUR MARKET.
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rapid and successful advancement in various fields, including public, scientific, and office work; the attainment of recognition, honor, or material rewards. The word “career” is also used to define a type of occupation or profession, such as a career artist or a career doctor. Careerism is the pursuit of personal success in office, scientific, or other work. It is mercenary in its aims and a detriment to the public interest.

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