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She awarded a woman's family EUR56,500 for "serious hardship" after she found: "A delay on the part of the HSE in processing an application for a public long-term care bed adversely affected the family and was the result of carelessness."
He stressed that what caused tragedies was the carelessness and reckless driving of the bus and other heavy vehicles.
Most of the incidents took place due to people's carelessness and low quality of cylinders, he said.
With the reports of carelessness from the end of state authorities, enraged citizens and Bollywood celebrities slammed the government and its failed efforts for the child's death.
The Irish Sports Council judging panel determined that Grimes didn't intend to enhance his sporting performance, but found him guilty of "carelessness".
MANILA -- More than half of the fires that hit Marikina last year were caused by electricity-related factors, prompting the city's top fire official to warn residents against negligence and carelessness in the early days of the Fire Prevention Month.
Islamabad -- As many as four cubs of lioness were died in Islamabad Marghazar Zoo for past two month owing to the negligence and carelessness of the zoo administration.
On the other hand, citizens held protest demonstration against carelessness of public health department and closure of such filter plants.
Summary: Patna (Bihar) [India], Apr 21 (ANI): Janata Dal-United (JDU) national general secretary Shyam Rajak on Saturday accused Paras Hospital Patna of "carelessness" in his treatment, which has resulted in burns on his body.
Viewers are reminded that simple carelessness is a greater threat to computer security than deliberate acts, fraud, and intentional incidents.
By commenting the last case of a patient from Berovo that passed away because of doctors' carelessness, Mirce Jovanovski from Utrinski vesnik wonders how many cameras and journalistic teams are needed in Macedonia to register and correct all abnormalities that the health care is facing.
While it is far too early to speculate on the cause of yesterday's accident, it is equally true that, in most of the others, human error, sins of either omission or downright carelessness, contributed to the loss of life.