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(26) showed that short-term intake of yogurt in children resulted in a significant rise in pH value and cariostatic effects on biofilm acidogenicity.
Clinical effect and mechanism of cariostatic action of fluoride-containing toothpastes: a review.
The presence of these bacteria also decreases plaque pH, which further promotes the reproduction of cariogenic bacteria while suppressing cariostatic bacteria (Lingstrom et al.
The effect of cocoa in controlling dental caries is receiving interest due to the presence of cariostatic substances.
Nakagaki et al., "Bracket bond strength and cariostatic potential of an experimental resin adhesive system containing Portland cement," The Angle Orthodontist, vol.
Summary: Efficacy of fluoride as a cariostatic agent is a well-established fact.
[1,2] The conventional GICs have many attractive features such as adhesion to tooth structure, slow release of fluoride which may produce a cariostatic action, good biocompatibility, and a shade similar to that of the tooth.
Fluoride release is routinely used as a measure of GICs' cariostatic ability.
However, it should be noted that most of the reports suggest that the anticaries effect observed with tea is due primarily to the antibacterial properties of the organic components (polyphenols and tannins) rather than the cariostatic effect of F [19,26,27].
Xylitol increases oral LPO activity but not thiocyanate levels, and this may account for the cariostatic effect of xylitol.
These studies proved the cariostatic properties of propolis, antiperiodontal pathogen activity, and efficiency at lower concentrations.