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carnel, crenelle

Same as the embrasure of a battlement.
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The cause of the crash was not known but there was no enemy activity in the area when the accident took place, Carnel said.
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Second, when Char left for Algiers to join the Allies in July 1944, he hid what he was then calling his "Carnel d'Hypnos" inside a wall at Cereste (Mathieu: 211).
The classic carnel overcoat spent decades as an accessory to style, the clean slate neutral used to enhance the flavor beneath the outerwear.
THRIVING A bank vole, common to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve in Newcastle Picture: Veronica Carnel
Sure, snowboarders, snowboard companies, and the snowboard media will make a lot more money (yippee) but it will be in exchange for their souls, creativity, and individuality" (cited in Baccigaluppi, Mayugba & Carnel, 2001, p.