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C7H15NO3α-Amino-β-hydroxybutyric acid trimethylbetaine; a constituent of striated muscle and liver, identical with vitamin B T.



betaine-γ-amino-β-oxybutyric acid, (CH3)3NCH2CH(OH)CH2CO2, a crystalline compound with basic properties; dissolves readily in water and alcohol. Its molecular mass is 161.21, and its melting point, 195°-197°C (with decomposition).

Carnitine is primarily found in animal muscle, from which it was first extracted by V. S. Gulevich (1905); it is also found in bacteria and plants. It takes part in fatty exchange within an organism by acting as a carrier of fatty acid radicals through the membranes of the mitochondria. These membranes are impermeable to activated fatty acids (compounds with coenzyme A). With the aid of carnitine, therefore, fatty acids enter the scope of activity of the oxidizing enzymes localized within the mitochondria. Carnitine apparently also participates in the reverse transport of fatty acids. It is an essential dietary constituent and a growth factor in certain insects; therefore it is considered to be a vitamin (vitamin BT).

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These carnitine findings were based on a sub-study of 10 people.
Getting back to the Cleveland Clinic study which claims that carnitine causes atherosclerosis: As I said before, the media went hog wild, spreading faulty information and scaring lots of folks, including not only patients who are carnitine takers, but parents of youngsters who have been on carnitine for years.
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Certainly, carnitine is not the panacea or miracle cure' we seek for every illness that causes parents and doctors sleepless nights.
Normally propionyl-CoA is metabolized to methylmalonyl-CoA by the action of propionyl-CoA carboxylase (PCC), but if the metabolite is in excess the propionyl species is released from the mitochondrion after conversion by carnitine palmitoyl transferase II to the corresponding acylcarnitine (Fig.
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