carnivorous plants

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carnivorous plants:

see bladderwortbladderwort
, any plant of the genus Utricularia, insectivorous or carnivorous aquatic plants, many native to North America. Small animals are caught and digested in bladderlike organs of the finely divided submerged leaves.
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; pitcher plantpitcher plant,
any of several insectivorous plants with leaves adapted for trapping insects. Each leaf forms a "pitcher," a somewhat trumpet-shaped enclosure, usually containing a liquid.
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; Venus's-flytrapVenus's-flytrap,
insectivorous or carnivorous bog plant (Dionaea muscipula) native to the Carolina savannas and now widely cultivated as a novelty. The leaves, borne in a low rosette, resemble bear traps.
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From one species of Venus' flytrap - there is only one species, Dionaea muscipula - breeders have gone to town, and Szesze's Carnivorous Plant Nursery sells more than 30 varieties.
Bladderworts (Utricularia spp.)--the most numerous group of carnivorous plants in the world with more than 200 species, a dozen of which are found in New York--are marvelously adapted to a carnivorous lifestyle.
The carnivorous plant slowly digests its tasty meal.
Karlsson, "Costs and benefits of carnivory in plants: insights from the photosynthetic performance of four carnivorous plants in a subarctic environment," Oikos, vol.
The monster plant narratives of the pulps no doubt inherited this tension from their turn-of-the-century forebears, a simultaneous recognition that these animal-like monsters must be somehow natural, like the real carnivorous plants so carefully anatomized by Darwin, and that their very existence also threatens to destroy distinctions between the animal and plant kingdoms--as well as the hierarchy that those distinctions support.
London, July 2 (ANI): Three species of a carnivorous plant, that feed on worms underground have been discovered, by botanists, in the Brazilian savannah.
Carnivorous plants are generalists, with a diet that includes diverse animals such as insects, arachnids, gastropods, and other arthropods (Alcala and Dominguez, 2003).
This little beast, called the Hardwicke's woolly bat, likes to curl up smaller than an iPod and snooze in comforting leaves of a carnivorous plant called a pitcher plant.
Experimental tests of wax-based trapping mechanisms in three pitfall carnivorous plants. Arthropod Structure & Development, 33, 103-111.
An additional list names all of the more than 120 waterways in the general area and short nature essays acquaint the paddler with the wildlife of the region including animals, insects and even carnivorous plants. There are black and white photos throughout as well as an appendix of state parks of the region and another of outfitters in the area.
Kids will love the carnivorous plants and have nightmares about being eaten in their own backyard.
"Cyw y gog (tua maint ostrich!) yn taflu cannoedd o wyau a cywion yr aderyn bach allan o'r nyth" a sut oedd rhaid cymeryd gofal am fod "carnivorous plants yn tyfu ar ochr y mynydd."