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1. a circular magazine in which slides for a projector are held: it moves round as each slide is shown
2. History a tournament in which horsemen took part in races and various manoeuvres in formation
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(1) A special machine designed to give circular rides at amusement parks and fairs. The carousel is an apparatus that turns about a fixed axis and has wooden seats in the form of figures (horses, elephants, or boats). The gay, colorful carousels are decorated with glass beads, spangles, and multicolored lamps. Carousels have been known in Russia since the early 18th century.

(2) An equestrian competition that replaced the medievaltournaments of knights. It was fashionable in 17th-century Italyand France. Carousels were held in Russia in the 18th century.The display was usually accompanied by allegorical dances andscenic representations based on mythological and historical sub-jects. The riders sometimes wore costumes.

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(mechanical engineering)
A rotating transport system that transfers and presents workpieces for loading and unloading by a robot or other machine.
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The visitors have made a habit at getting at Barcelona early to put them off their stride and gain an early advantage before eventually succumbing to passing carousal after the 10 minute mark.
The symphony is comprising the sections, ''Nostalgia'', ''Religious Order'', ''Blue Mosque'', ''Merrily Clad Young Ladies Aboard the Ferry to de Princes Islands'', ''About the Travellers to Anatolia Departing from the Haydar Pasha Train Station'', ''Carousal Night'' and ''Finale''.
And as I waited at the carousal for my bag, I couldn't help thinking that despite the immense prosperity of our nation, Britain is essentially a country of whinge bags.
Ahmad, the father, is a prosperous 45-year-old merchant who lives a double life, dominating his family through authoritarian rule, while enjoying a libertine lifestyle of carousal and arousal with his friends and numerous mistresses, with whom he is witty, charming and gregarious.
"I don't know how it got on to the Aer Lingus baggage carousal, but it could have been doing the rounds for up to two days."
Last season, for example, three major musical revivals landed on Broadway--My Fair Lady, Damn Yankees and Carousal All banked on the preconscious pull of the postwar musical, even as they struggled to look at the works afresh.
Melman Go-Round: Join the Madagascar characters on this animated carousal ride.
Barcelona jumped straight back into their passing carousal routine, hogging possession and sucking the life out of their hapless opponents until 20 minutes into the second half, light reappeared.
Letters pouring out feelings, desires and reprimands mean so much more and are far more an indictment of your misbehavior and the other's dedication than a curt text message or hastily dispatched e-mail.While the possibility of going back to such communication blackout cavorting and carousal became impossible the moment a humble pager was purchased, one adapts to the double-edged possibilities of the mobile phone, e-mail and instant messaging.
In the early nineties Coventry had the first 6am nightclub licence so they spent their time polishing their carousal skills and making music in the studio.
Marcus has worked extensively in commercial theatre, especially since moving to New York a few years ago, recently shooting Broadway shows such as An Inspector Calls, Carousal and Passion.