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1. a circular magazine in which slides for a projector are held: it moves round as each slide is shown
2. History a tournament in which horsemen took part in races and various manoeuvres in formation
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(1) A special machine designed to give circular rides at amusement parks and fairs. The carousel is an apparatus that turns about a fixed axis and has wooden seats in the form of figures (horses, elephants, or boats). The gay, colorful carousels are decorated with glass beads, spangles, and multicolored lamps. Carousels have been known in Russia since the early 18th century.

(2) An equestrian competition that replaced the medievaltournaments of knights. It was fashionable in 17th-century Italyand France. Carousels were held in Russia in the 18th century.The display was usually accompanied by allegorical dances andscenic representations based on mythological and historical sub-jects. The riders sometimes wore costumes.

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(mechanical engineering)
A rotating transport system that transfers and presents workpieces for loading and unloading by a robot or other machine.
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(From left) Sue Temple, Charlotte Brook, Nick Goodwin and Liz Brooks star in Coventry Operatic Society's production of Carousel at the College Theatre.
At 50 feet in diameter, the carousel is one of the largest antique rides of its kind in the world.
Thereafter, the empty vessel is positioned on carousel 2, spot "I," and the procedure starts again.
For applications where hygiene is paramount, the Syspal Carousel has been engineered to allow effective access for cleaning with simple removable HDP side barriers and stainless steel access panels.
Brown claims that the carousels sped up throughput by two-and-a-half times--from 350 or 400 picks a day per person to 900 or 1,000.
Housed in a pentagonal building with enormous glass arches all around, the carousel itself has a diameter of 40 feet and boasts three rows of horses carved and painted with remarkable artistic detail, two chariots, and one-of-a-kind touches such as saddles carved to look like bear and wolf pelts.
Horizontal carousel systems are best known for picking individual pieces or groups of pieces.
KitchenArt, a division of Robbins Industries, is promoting the introduction of its Select-a-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel with an unusual guarantee to retailers: If all the carousels are not sold by the end of the year, KitchenArt will buy back the remaining inventory.
All-wool carpeting is available from Carousel Carpet Mills, Helios Carpets and Naturlich, and cotton carpets are made by Dellinger.
Minor ingredient batching can attain a level of semiautomatic operation with a minimum use of floor space with the installation of BTI's Minors Carousel System.
Supporting the carousels is a computer-aided tool management package consisting of a host computer with CRT and printer, three slaved transaction terminals (one per carousel), and software.