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1. the technical name for wrist
2. the eight small bones of the human wrist that form the joint between the arm and the hand
3. the corresponding joint in other tetrapod vertebrates



part of the upper (anterior) pentadactyl extremity of vertebrates, located between the forearm and the metacarpus.

In man, the carpus consists of two rows of small bones connected by intercarpal joints. The first row is made up of the scaphoid, lunate, triquetrous, and pisiform bones, which (except the pisiform) are linked to the radius (radiocarpal joint). The second row, consisting of the larger and smaller multangular, capitate, and unciform bones, is linked to the metacarpal bones (carpometacarpal joint). The carpus increases the mobility of the hand.

In animals, the carpus is the base of the front paw and is located between the antibrachium and the metacarpus.


The wrist in humans or the corresponding part in other vertebrates.
The eight bones of the human wrist.
(invertebrate zoology)
The fifth segment from the base of a generalized crustacean appendage.
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The joint capsule (JC) was observed in the distal radius and the proximal row of carpal bones, and was characterized as an anechogenic layer over the bone, in accordance with the findings of REEF et al.
Thus, in this randomized controlled trial, treating effects of carpal bone mobilization combined with night splinting is studied and compared with night splinting as the control group.
After the carpal bones are exposed, cartilage damage is assessed, and soft tissue is debrided.
These carpal bones in turn articulate with five metacarpal bones.
Phases one are phalangeal and carpal bone image feature extraction.
3,4] Occurrence in the hand, however, particularly in the carpal bones, is rare.
The multiple dorsal and volar extrinsic ligaments are low-signal bands overlying the carpal bones and intrinsic ligaments.
A non-descript bullock aged eight years was presented with history of cutting forearm in posterior aspect above the accessory carpal bone (Fig.
Trainer Pauline Robson said: "He deserves that as he's been through the mill having broken a carpal bone at the Scottish National meeting two years ago.
An example of this is the movement of the capitate, the center carpal bone, during radial deviation.
The tendon of the flexor carpii ulnaris muscle inserts over the accessory carpal bone and its contracture due to multifactorial etiology reported in literature can lead to mild to severe degree of carpal hyperflexion.