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1. the technical name for wrist
2. the eight small bones of the human wrist that form the joint between the arm and the hand
3. the corresponding joint in other tetrapod vertebrates



part of the upper (anterior) pentadactyl extremity of vertebrates, located between the forearm and the metacarpus.

In man, the carpus consists of two rows of small bones connected by intercarpal joints. The first row is made up of the scaphoid, lunate, triquetrous, and pisiform bones, which (except the pisiform) are linked to the radius (radiocarpal joint). The second row, consisting of the larger and smaller multangular, capitate, and unciform bones, is linked to the metacarpal bones (carpometacarpal joint). The carpus increases the mobility of the hand.

In animals, the carpus is the base of the front paw and is located between the antibrachium and the metacarpus.


The wrist in humans or the corresponding part in other vertebrates.
The eight bones of the human wrist.
(invertebrate zoology)
The fifth segment from the base of a generalized crustacean appendage.
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There is limited data; however, a small unblinded trial involving 21 people found that carpal bone mobilization significantly decreased pain intensity after 3 weeks compared with that of no treatment (12,13).
26 kg, with the technique requiring significant wrist movement, particularly dorsiflexion, and thus the wrist and carpal bones are placed under considerable forces during this sport.
After the carpal bones are exposed, cartilage damage is assessed, and soft tissue is debrided.
2 (b) show the original carpal bone image and the anisotropic smoothing results, respectively.
Fortunately, the carpal bone didn't shatter, as it can under similar circumstances.
He smashed a carpal bone at Nottingham last season, but fortunately it didn't displace and we were able to screw it," said David Barron of this imposing son of Pivotal.
The trainer said: ``Stream Of Gold will run and, depending on the ground, Arakan could also run - he had a crack in his carpal bone after his last run at Newmarket and, although it was a good performance when he won the Abernant Stakes, I think seven furlongs is better for him than six and he might run at Leicester.
He fractured a carpal bone and it's 50-50 whether he'll race again," said Clemenson.
Trainer Jones said last night: "He's chipped the bottom of the accessory carpal bone, and the likelihood is that he won't race again.
X-rays have shown the colt has a subchondral hairline fracture of the third carpal bone in the right knee.
Bobbyjo was at a veterinary hospital at The Curragh, recovering from an operation on a shattered carpal bone behind his near-fore, when he aggravated the injury and was put to sleep on Tuesday afternoon.
However, X-rays showed a type- one fracture of a carpal bone.