carpenter's square

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carpenter’s square, framing square

carpenter’s square
A flat, steel square commonly used in carpentry.
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Use the carpenter's square to lay out the mitered pieces for the bottom frame, which should extend 1 inch beyond the sides of the shell.
Using the marks, outline your cut with your carpenter's square as a guide (Photo 7).
OTHER * Epoxy(*) * Screws/nails (stainless or bronze)(*) (*) Determine from manufacturer's information TOOLS * 3' Level * Hand Saw * Wood Rasps: 1 fine; 1 coarse * Drill Motor * Drill Bits * Carpenter's Square * Jig Saw * 6" C-clamps (4 ea.) Sources
As for tools, you don't need much aside from a good circular saw, a screw gun, a carpenter's square and two 30-in.
2 Square the miter gauge to the table saw fence with a carpenter's square and tighten the lockdown handle.
Note B Use a carpenter's square to make sure the struts are 90 degrees to the post and parallel to each other.
Use a carpenter's square to ensure the shelves are level front to back.
Use a carpenter's square to draw a line at right angles to the 4 x 4, six inches from the top.
The only tools necessary for completing this project are a circular saw, a carpenter's square, a tape measure, a chalk line, a hammer, and a pencil.
7 USE a carpenter's square to align the seat supports 90 degrees to the backrest struts, then glue and screw them in place.
* carpenter's hammer * 7 1/4" power saw * power drill, with square power bit * carpenter's square * flat rasp, to smooth rough corners * framing square * sandpaper, medium * two clamps, throats at least four inches * two saw-horses