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carpet beetle,

name for several beetlesbeetle,
common name for insects of the order Coleoptera, which, with more than 300,000 described species, is the largest of the insect orders. Beetles have chewing mouthparts and well-developed antennae.
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 that are highly destructive to carpets and upholstery and are classified in the same family as the larder beetles. Adult beetles of this family are pollen eaters, but the larvae feed on a variety of animal matter. The reddish to yellow-brown carpet beetle larvae feed on wool, fur, leather, and on plant fibers that are soiled with grease, doing more damage to household goods than the clothes moth. The adults, 0.08 to 0.2 in. (3–5 mm) long, solid black or black-and-white patterned, leave the house after emerging from the pupal stage. The larvae of the species commonly called larder beetles feed on meats and cheese; the larvae of other species in the family are pests in museums, feeding on dried insect collections. Carpet beetles are classified in the phylum ArthropodaArthropoda
[Gr.,=jointed feet], largest and most diverse animal phylum. The arthropods include crustaceans, insects, centipedes, millipedes, spiders, scorpions, and the extinct trilobites.
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, class Insecta, family Dermestidae, genera Attagenus and Anthrenus.
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Likewise carpet beetle dermatitis presents with itchy red patches at exposed sites; the beetles do not bite but some children react to exposure.
But that all changed after her home in Ampleforth Road, Berwick Hills, became infested with carpet beetles.
"First you shampoo it and spray it with bug repellent to keep away carpet beetles and moths," says Joe Kulis, a taxidermist (specialist in the lifelike preservation of dead animals).
People use the compound to rid human nests of carpet beetles and clothes moths and to repel intruders such as bats and starlings.
Several kinds of household insects feed on clothing--not just moths but several kinds of carpet beetles. Actually it's the larvae of all these creatures that can leave their mark on wool, silk, leather, and cotton, depending on their tastes.
Some scavengers specialize in materials of animal origin, and prominent among these are carpet beetles. Few domestic insects are more common in houses or better entrenched in the wall spaces and floor cracks that every house provides.
A team is constantly engaged in cleaning the 10,000 books at Cragside, while others trap bugs like carpet beetles or inspect and record fabrics, clothing and ceramics for Cragside's database.
YOU may have moths or carpet beetles which arrived in these parts around the 1980s and are now very well established.
Periodically, check for moths, silverfish, or dermestidae (also known as carpet beetles).