carpet cushion

carpet underlayment

A padding material, laid directly on the floor, over which carpet is installed; usually manufactured of hair felt, foam rubber, hair felt and jute, sponge rubber, or some other combination of these materials.
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A firm and resilient carpet cushion is necessary to form a good foundation for any carpet, increasing its comfort and extending its life by acting as a shock absorber when someone walks on the carpet.
If you still have trouble determining the best kind of padding, contact the Carpet Cushion Council, P.
The combined exhibits will encompass Shaw's full product spectrum, including residential and commercial carpeting, wood and laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, area rugs, carpet cushion, Anso nylon recyclable carpets and rugs, and other flooring products.
Several carpet cushion manufacturers have announced they will no longer be recycling their own re-bond product in the manufacture of new re-bond.
Pads can be made of fiber, rubber or various polyurethane foams, including a multicolored bonded foam product called rebond, according to the Carpet Cushion Council.
Carpet padding, also known as carpet cushion, represents one of our nation's most efficient closed-loop recycling efforts.
These results are even more pronounced with the addition of carpet cushion.
Thursday, October 2--Session J: Furnishings: "MDI-based viscoelastic foam with excellent physical properties, flame resistance and slab processing flexibility suitable for the furnishings market," Ray Neff, Todd Green and Wassana Apichatachutapan, BASF; "Polyurethane carpet cushion in the workplace: New research, new opportunities," Michael Norton, Norton Performance Consulting; "Impact of silicone surfactants on the flammability of flexible slabstock foam-comparison of California TB 117/draft 2002 with established flammability tests," Tammo Boinowitz, Rob Borgogelli and Bill Gower, Degussa; "Performance of HS-HR flexible foams in small open flame combustibility tests," S.
And it lists that year's top five PUR end-use applications as construction, transportation, furniture, carpet cushion, and appliances.
While approximately 85 percent of carpet applications are direct laminates, carpet cushion can be the key to creating superior performance and is a growing application for commercial markets.
In 1983, Crain opened a manufacturing facility at Fort Smith for bonded carpet cushion.