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carpetbaggers, epithet used in the South after the Civil War to describe Northerners who went to the South during Reconstruction. Although regarded as transients because of the carpetbags in which they carried their possessions (hence the name carpetbaggers), most intended to settle in the South, some in support of the radical Republican Reconstruction program, others to take advantage of speculative and commercial opportunities there. With the support of the black vote some carpetbaggers played an important role in the Republican state governments. The corrupt activities of some made the term carpetbagger synonymous with any outsider who meddles in an area's political affairs for his own benefit, but Northerners who worked in support of black civil rights and education were also malignly tarnished with the term.


See bibliography under Reconstruction.

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northern exploiters whose chicanery exacerbated Reconstruction problems. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 84]


northern politicians who settled in the South to control the Negro vote. [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 84]
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These roles were patterned after what SOE and SDS had pioneered, so for the next two months the Carpetbaggers trained with SDS at their Tempsford airfield northwest of London.
Not only did the Carpetbaggers have to worry about enemy fire.
On the plus side, the mutuals that stood out against the carpetbaggers were forced to improve their offerings to both savers and borrowers and to raise the level of service they provided for increasingly demanding members.
Of course for a carpetbagger, timing has even greater importance.
"People have been calling in to donate costumes and props," said Garza, "but the problem is we have nowhere to put them." Luckily, The Carpetbagger's Children did find an alternate space at the nearby Stages Repertory Theatre and opened on June 12.
CARPETBAGGERS can come from anywhere, and the huge Nationwide building society had better be on its guard against one from the north.
THE Skipton Building Society are forking out loyalty bonuses of up to pounds 1000 to members in a move to see off potential carpetbaggers.
Though a remarkable achievement as a critical counterweight to the ranting of hillbilly power-mongers in office, the lessons of the APT have been well learned by earnest progressives and cultural carpetbaggers alike.
Societies put up defences against carpetbaggers as queues of new customers brought branches to a standstill.
SAVERS on the lookout for that extra something should pack Chartwell Investment Management's Carpetbaggers' Guide to Life Companies in their holiday luggage.
Addington, president of Save Sierra Blanca, which opposes a proposed nuclear waste dump near El Paso, refers to the radioactive waste consortiums targeting his region as "the nuclear carpetbaggers," conjuring up local sentiments dating back to the Civil War.
She then proceeds to a careful dissection of the blacks' tendency to plan their economic life according to a principle of equality among families rather than individuals - a tendency that brought them into collision with the interests of the planters, southerners and carpetbaggers alike.