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1. the technical name for wrist
2. the eight small bones of the human wrist that form the joint between the arm and the hand
3. the corresponding joint in other tetrapod vertebrates



part of the upper (anterior) pentadactyl extremity of vertebrates, located between the forearm and the metacarpus.

In man, the carpus consists of two rows of small bones connected by intercarpal joints. The first row is made up of the scaphoid, lunate, triquetrous, and pisiform bones, which (except the pisiform) are linked to the radius (radiocarpal joint). The second row, consisting of the larger and smaller multangular, capitate, and unciform bones, is linked to the metacarpal bones (carpometacarpal joint). The carpus increases the mobility of the hand.

In animals, the carpus is the base of the front paw and is located between the antibrachium and the metacarpus.


The wrist in humans or the corresponding part in other vertebrates.
The eight bones of the human wrist.
(invertebrate zoology)
The fifth segment from the base of a generalized crustacean appendage.
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Goniometrie measurements of the elbow and carpus then were obtained for each orthopedically normal and uninjured wing with 3 different methods: (1) using a modified universal plastic goniometer, (2) using an electrogoniometer, and (3) by radiographic assessment.
Tendon of the muscle commom digital extensor (TMCDE) overlapped the distal radius and dorsal carpus, extending to the proximal metacarpal region.
Carpus 1.3 x longer than basis, l/w ratio 2.1, with dorsoproximal setulation, 1 dorsoproximal and 1 dorsodistal seta, and 3 ventral subdistal setae.
In a complete lesion however, cadaver studies of FCR have revealed a significant increase in its moment arm and subsequent increase in the load distributed through the radial carpus, thus enhancing the scaphoid displacement.
Second pair of pereopods elongated and slender, similar in shape and size, overreaching scaphocerite with 1/3 of chela to 2/3 of carpus, merus 0.5 to 0.7 x carpus length, 1.6 to 2.2 x palm length, and 0.9 to 1.2 chela length; carpus 1.6 to 2.2 x chela length; fingers 0.6 to 1.0 x palm length; fingers not gaping when closed (Fig.
Initial examination of the patient by the ER staff demonstrated generalized tenderness to palpation along the dorsum of the distal carpus as well as swelling.
The clawlike structures included Y-shaped [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2D OMITTED], pollexlike structures [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2E OMITTED], and a structure similar to the manus and carpus segments of the claw [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2F OMITTED].
The left carpus remained mildly swollen, although no wing droop was noted.
Dentre as incidencias relatadas, 85,7% a 87,1% dos potros tem sido acometidos por carpus valgus e 14,3% a 22,9% por carpus varus (PHARR & FRETZ, 1981; BERTONE et al., 1985).
Arthrodesis also known as artificial ankylosis or syndesis (joint fusion), is an orthopaedic salvage, for unmanageable degenerative joint disease (arthritis) in the shoulder, carpus (wrist), stifle (knee) and hock (ankle) and is used to reduce pain and improve stability in the spine, feet and other areas (Harasen, 2002).
Another donkey was being bled after being anesthetized then underwent routine preservative technique (10% formalin mixed with 4% glycerin and 1% phenol for 14 days until complete fixation and then its carpus were separated and routine dissection was performed (Fig.