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After seven days of acclimation, feeding with the experimental diets was started and continued for 15 days, to perform induction of inflammatory response to injection of 500 [micro]g carrageenin (Marine Colloids) diluted in 0.5 ml saline solution.
Kinetics of the inflammatory reaction induced by carrageenin in the swimbladder of Oreochromis niloticus (Nile tilapia).
(24.) Carrageenan, Salts of Carrageenan and Chondrus Extract (Carrageenin); Withdrawal of Proposal and Termination of Rulemaking Proceeding.
Since dust and heat interfere with the carrageenin's effectiveness, keep the tray covered with plastic-covered cardboard until you're ready to start.
The same formula was used as in the carrageenin method in order to calculate the percent of anti-inflammatory activity.
The paw volume was measured by displacement technique through the Plathysmometer (Model 76014, Ugo, Japan) at 1, 2, 3, and 4 h after the carrageenin injection.
Inflammatory response in Brazilian freshwater fish was evaluated after carrageenin injection in the swim bladder of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) (MATUSHIMA; MARIANO, 1996) and in pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus) (MARTINS et al., 2000, 2001).
65 Analgesic and anti-pyretic activity present in leaf extract (Saxena, R.S., 1987); anti-inflammatory activity of alcoholic extract of leaves against carrageenin, formalin, histamine, 5-hydroxytryptamine, and hyaluronidase-induced edema in hind paw of rats (Saxena, R.S., 1984).
a) 0.1mm3 of al% (VN) suspension of carrageenin in 0.9% saline solution (a suspension that is known to induce inflammation of the rat paw.)
The effect of intraarticular carrageenin on the chemical composition of articular cartilage," Arthritis & Rheumatism, vol.
sanctum was effective only against formalin induced odema & not for carrageenin or histamine induced oedema.