carrier wave

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carrier wave:

see modulationmodulation,
in communications, process in which some characteristic of a wave (the carrier wave) is made to vary in accordance with an information-bearing signal wave (the modulating wave); demodulation is the process by which the original signal is recovered from the wave
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carrier wave

[′kar·ē·ər ‚wāv]
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carrier wave

The component of a modulated wave that is independent of the modulation. Generally referred to as a carrier.
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carrier frequency

The transmission of a fixed frequency that has been altered (modulated) to "carry" data. The frequency is measured in Hertz (cycles per second). See carrier, Hz, FDM and TDM.
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In principle, this is no different than the carrier wave and transmitted information illustration.
If an SPWM-control strategy is used like in Figure 6, the output voltage can be in three different modes, depending on whether the reference signal is above, below, or inside the carrier wave band.
It has a certain wavevector and frequency as shown in Figure 1(b), and can propagate in space-time, which is accompanied with the carrier wave. Its feature of propagation depends on the concrete nature of the particles.
5, we used the sinusoidal PWM and DPWM control strategies and we took into account the following values: inductive load R=10[ohm], L=10mH, amplitude modulation index [m.sub.a] = 0.95, carrier wave frequency 50Hz, switching frequency 5kHz, and supply voltage amplitude [U.sub.d] = 310 V.
NTT DoCoMo plans to increase the number of carrier waves per relay station to up to 12 to enhance i-mode service connection capacity, the officials said.
Unfortunately, FM will work only for carrier waves of high frequency, and these cannot be transmitted much beyond the horizon.
"The electromagnetic waves used by television, radio, mobile communication and other types of wireless technology are carrier waves, which means that they carry information or media content over long distances with wide coverage," Karim writes.
Electronic phase modulation of this kind will work well with fairly long-term processes, but electronic carrier waves have fairly low frequencies.

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