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carrion crow

a common predatory and scavenging European crow, Corvus corone, similar to the rook but having a pure black bill

Carrion Crow


(Corvus cor one), a bird of the family Corvidae, order Passeriformes. The length of its body ranges from 44 to 56 cm. Carrion crows are divided into two groups according to coloring. These groups are sometimes considered as two independent species: carrion crows proper (black plumage with a metallic gloss) and hooded crows (grey plumage with black). Hybrid crows of an intermediate color are commonly found in bordering areas of distribution. Carrion crows inhabit Europe, Asia (excluding the south and southeast), and northeast Africa (the lower reaches of the Nile). In the USSR the hooded crow is widely distributed in the east to the Enisei River, in the south to Middle Asia, and in Turkmenia. The carrion crow proper in-habits the remaining regions. In the northern part of its area of distribution the carrion crow is a migratory bird; in the southern part it is sedentary. It nests in forests, parks, floodland plantings, and the like; in the winter it commonly nests in cities and towns. The nests are placed in trees, and when there are no trees, in bushes and even in reed-blockings in rivers. Laying (4-5 eggs) occurs between the end of March and May. An omnivorous bird, the carrion crow causes serious harm in some places by destroying the nests of game birds, especially duck nests. Species similar to the Corvus corone inhabit North America (C. brachyrhynchos) and south and southeast Asia (C. macrorhynchos).


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But carrion crows have a brain area (nidopallium caudolaterale) rich in nerve cells that respond to quantity.
Each year Dave Pooler and his gamekeeping team at the Rhug estate, Corwen, will trap and shoot an average of 800 carrion crows.
Reports have poured in from all over the country that carrion crows have been destroying car windscreen wipers.
Jet-black ravens are distinguishable from carrion crows due to their huge size, croaking calls and stout beak.
And I fear that there will be carrion crows in abundance to digest the remains of those establishments whose sales of liquids has not been sufficient to prevent their liquidation.
Mr Graham Madge, spokesman for the society, said: "While in law there is provision for farmers and landowners to control wood pigeon, jackdaws, magpies, carrion crows and rooks, the society believes that there should be an onus on farmers to decide whether such controls are necessary.
We forget that, like carrion crows, they tend to be low grade, ruthless individuals.
Closer to home, in Scotland, bachleor carrion crows swooped on nests and carried off babies while parents were away looking for food.
Meanwhile here is another example of carrion crows taking other birds.
Thus, we evaluated the susceptibility of the European equivalent of the American crow, carrion crows (Corvuscorone), which are ubiquitously present across Europe, by injecting them with selected strains of WNV circulating in Europe and with the prototypic NY99 strain.
Although Plasmodium parasites were not detected in blood smears and tissues collected from the penguins, various blood parasites were recorded in blood smears from wild Eurasian magpies (Pica pica) and carrion crows (Corvus corone) sampled at the same time in the study area.
Chicks of the great spotted cuckoo (Clamator glandarius) don't directly kill chicks of the carrion crows (Corvus corone corone), so the crow parents have a chance of producing their own offspring.